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Braxton-Hicks the second time around

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Is it my imagination or are they stronger?   I remember them from my first pg being more like a sensation that my uterus was getting hard, but this time around, they actually catch my breath away and I ofter have to stop doing what I`m doing and wait it out.  There`s no pain though, just a very strong feeling of tightening.

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It's actually common for them to be stronger or like me, I didn't feel any BHs the first time around, but this time yup I feel them. I honestly can't remember the reason, but yeah most pregnancy books I've read mention that BHs are often stronger or more noticeable (or noticeable at all) in subsequent pregnancies!
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I was just at my OB appointment, and I brought up BH, and she told me that they are frequently stronger in second pregnancies! Mine are particularly strong at night after work when I am walking back to my car. It feels like my tummy is a rock! When I get home and lie down, though, it softens back up.
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I definitely found my BH much stronger the 2nd time around, as well as coming more frequently and earlier in the pregnancy. I am pregnant for the 3rd time, and so far it has been very similar to pregnancy #2; thankfully they didn't get any stronger!

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With my second pregnancy I had them very intensely. By the last 3 weeks or so they came regularly sometimes and were somewhat painful. Went into labor at 39.5 weeks. 

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This is my 2nd child and didn't have them with my first, I delivered early because of pre-e and never had contractions. I'm near the end of 35 weeks and last night I ended up at the hospital with BH because I can't go into labor because of my prior classical incision and the risk of hemorraging. They told me I was only 1 cm dilated and dehydrated and to load up on water and sent me home. I have two more weeks to go until my scheduled c-section so I am going to be a water drinking machine!

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