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New to Bellevue/Papillion Area!

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Hi! I am a stay at home Mom, and I just moved to the Bellevue/Papillion/La Vista area of Nebraska. I know it is a long shot as it seems like kind of a smaller area, but I have a two year old son and wanted to know if there are other like minded mamas who want to get together for a playdate or who know of fun places to meet other parents of young children? Any cool places to get the kiddos out and about and make some friends?
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I'm bumping up your post and hoping some other mamas interested in friendship and playdates will see this!  smile.gif

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This is an old post so you have probably found things by now, but check out Omaha Area Natural Parents on Facebook, lots of like-minded moms and there are occasionally events and playdates. There is a group near you called Bellevue Moms. The person who runs the group is very natural-minded, but not sure about the other members.
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