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Under the new agreement, I know blogs cant be in signatures - but can we ask for them here? I am a mama with a partner and 4 wonderful kids. We are planning to have our next child next year, and would love to read some blogs about people who have btdt. This will be our first try at self insemination. We havent come out as having our next baby on the blog yet but its all about our family. 



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Hi poiyt, great blog! I don't have one to share, but wanted to say hi, especially cuz I'm just south of you, down in Vic. I'm pleased to find another local! Come on over to Queer Conceptions when you're ready to TTC...
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(accidental repost!)
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Thanks for replying granite - and for the pm! Whats your blog so we can be buddies, and maybe meet up one day. 

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You can post your blog address on your profile page. 


I don't have a blog but I do have a Facebook page called What to Wear to Your Queer Wedding.  It's all about wedding fashion for queers.  It can be very challenging to find wedding outfits when you don't fit into the typical gender roles in fashion.

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Thanks for sharing your blog, poiyt! 

Ours doesn't fall under the btdt category per se, but you're welcome to check it out.  It's about DW and I and all the random crap we decide to write about.  We have a baby daughter, carried and birthed by my wife.  The next one will (hopefully) be carried by ME but not for a couple years.  



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I'm in Nanaimo, nice to see other awesome island mamas!  My hubs is FTM, so I'm "sort of" queer...lol!

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Hey, I'm also on the island (hi there Granite!) and I'm one of two moms to a fabulous eight year old boy. I mostly post in the unschooling forum but visit here sometimes, though I don't post much. I guess I've btdt, but it terms of trying to conceive, it feels like quite awhile ago. Still, I do have a blog-- mostly about unschooling, books and writing-- and I would love to have visitors. Lately all the comments on my blog are spam from people who want to sell me Xanax. What's up with that?  Anyway, here it is: http://www.robinstevenson.com/wordpress/category/blog/

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I'm also from the Wet Coast (although it's currently the foggy coast... what's up with that?!  SO ANNOYING.  I'm in Vancouver.  Well... suburb of Vancouver).  My blog is here: http://queeringmyfamily.blogspot.ca, although I haven't been updating much at all since all I seem to write about is incredibly depressing (doesn't help that our TTC was brought to a grinding halt, much to my incredible disappointment and frustration, and we don't know when it will be back up and running).  

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Cassidy, your blog is fantastic!!  I've read some about unschooling and really like the whole concept of it.  I *hated* school, as did DW.  I did the International Baccalaureate program for grade 11 and 12, and that was incredibly structured, but we actually learned to think and ask questions and it wasn't all about rote memorization, and probably kept me from turning into a total pot head (turns out I'm super smart, but don't test well and have a crap memory for numbers, thankfully my history teacher didn't care if we couldn't remember dates, I actually did very well in that class).  DW wants to eventually stay home with our kids, so unschooling may actually work for us (uhhh... once we actually have children to unschool, and once I actually tell her about it.. hahaha!).  

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Hey darthtunaqueen, thanks so much! Good to know that someone other than my mom likes my blog! Nice to meet another west coaster. If you read my blog, you already know this-- but unschooling has been awesome for us, me as well as my son, and way more rewarding (and in some ways, much easier) than having him in school. All the best with TTC- it was a long journey for us and a tough one emotionally... Off to look at your blog! 

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Hi Cassidy, nice to see you here! wave.gif


Thanks for sharing your blog too, darth!


You may also like starling&diesel's blog, especially around the unschooling...  http://www.carriemac.com/blog/

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Hey Granite! Just read your sig line-- crossing my fingers for you for Feb. 13. And yes- I love starling&diesel's blog :)

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