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Well, I'm back and its hard to be excited when I am anxious!

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Last month, I joined the July DDC but then I had an early miscarriage around 4.5 weeks. I ovulated 16 days later and yesterday POAS and got a BFP at 11DPO.  I have one DD who is 2.75 years old. 


My insurance stinks and I would have to pay out of pocket for blood work (even though that would just be a snapshot of what is happening right now, with no guarantees) and would have to pay for an early ultrasound. So, I wait and wait until 11 or 12 weeks unless something happens before then :( I am just hoping this is sticky bean!!!!


I wish there was a crystal ball telling me everything will be okay!


Thanks for letting me share and vent. 


PS.  How do I get one of those tickers?

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Hi!!  Congrats!  That is so cool.  I hope your baby sticks this time orngbiggrin.gif.  Mothering doesn't support tickers so everyone just makes their own and moves the little character they choose once a week or so.  Let me see if I can do it...




See?  I just typed it and put the smilie where the 20 would've gone. 

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Congrats! I hope you get a sticky baby. I had a 4.5 week miscarriage and was supposed to be in the June DDC. I got pregnant again right away and I'm in the July DDC. My baby has a nice strong heartbeat as of this week. Just letting you know, you could very well have a successful pregnancy. Hang in there. I didn't really accept this pregnancy until I heard the heartbeat and saw my little bean on an ultrasound. I went to a pregnancy support center (crisis pregnancy center) and got the ultrasound for free. I don't currently have insurance. If you are able to take advantage of that, you should wait until you are 8+ weeks. 

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Thank you so much for this information! I called and I can totally get one too! I just have to wait 4 more weeks--seems forever away but I can do it! Thank you again!!!

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Great, I'm glad I was able to help. :)

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Hey Oregon, this is awesome! So glad you found a way to get an early ultrasound! Good luck!
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Congratulations!  It's hard to feel "safe" once you've lost a baby, but praying all is well for you this time!

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Oh hey there, fellow Oregonian!  We are in the exact same boat!  I miscarried at about 5.5-6 weeks (hard to tell as I was traveling abroad when I got pregnant, found out I was pregnant, and STILL traveling abroad when I miscarried - needless to say, it was an interesting trip . . .).  I lost the baby in Italy on October 28, and got pregnant again the very night of my shot-gun wedding on November 11th with the Baby Lion.  Oh, do I ever feel you!  I literally worried myself sick!  I couldn't even bring myself to admit that I was pregnant until just a couple days ago.  No one aside from my husband and my mother were told, and I was in such disbelief that I was beyond anxious - I was downright depressed.  I'm still only at 11 weeks, but my doctor's appointment went swimmingly and I now feel that this one is going to stick.  Keep faith!  Though I would have resented that if someone said it to me during this winter of my discontent . . . so, best wishes!  *I* for one believe that it will work out just fine.

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