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With both my previous pregnancies, and with this one it's starting, too, I have really bad insomnia. I get really tired, but I cannot sleep. I try doing housework/exercising for awhile before I lay down and it doesn't help. Many nights, I stay awake until I get exhausted, in hopes that I'll just "fall out", but as soon as I lay down, I'm wide awake again. I've tried laying down shortly after DD and DS go down, and I will just lay awake for several hours, until I get frustrated, and get up again. I'm not sure if it's a hormonal thing (Guessing so, as it happened in my previous pregnancies, too), or if it's stress, or... I don't know.


Does anyone else deal with this at all?

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Yes! It just started a few nights ago. I just took a warm bath with epsom salt and lavender oil. I should NOT be on the internet at the moment :-) My midwife suggested doing things other than reading screens before bed. I'm desperately hoping to sleep well tonight! 


Also, the last time I had hormone related insomnia, acupuncture was AMAZING! Maybe you can find a Community Acupuncture near you? Since I moved, there isn't one near me, and I desperately wish there was! Here's hoping for sleep tonight!

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I'm right there with you ladies. The only thing that helps is putting something like a documentary or Mythbusters on the TV. It's not the most practical thing to do, but it helps. :(

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I had issues before getting pregnant and went off medication for sleep. I started taking Unisom a couple months ago and only took it every 2-3 nights and it was working until 3 weeks ago. When I saw the OB last Friday he wrote an Rx for Ambien and I am getting good sleep with that. It is taking 4 hours to wake up 100% and come out of that groggy affect but it isn't too bad really. I'm getting the deep sleep I need and I'm able to go an entire day without a nap and I call that success1

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I can't sleep unless it's blackout dark in the room. All light sources either turned over or covered. The temp is kept low with plenty of blankets and I try to get to bed by 9. I was doing this before I got pregnant and it made such a difference. In fact, my laptop turns off on it's own at a certain point each night. I've continued doing all of these things throughout this pregnancy and I've been feeling pretty good and sleeping well. The main thing waking me up (more than having to pee) are dogs needing to pee. Darn dogs not being able to let themselves out!

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I don't know if it's insomnia or just starting to become more uncomfortable! Some nights I lay there forever and get itchy and antsy and can't hold still. Most nights I don't sleep for more than an hour before having to get up, move around, change position. Although- I did note one exception: my husband was out of town for work two nights last week and I slept 8+ hours straight through without him in the bed! I think it hurt his feelings when I told him how well I slept without him...but it was GLORIOUS! We may need to invest in a bigger bed! I've also heard that tart cherry juice taken before bed can help with sleep because it has a high dose of melatonin to help even out your sleep cycle...it tastes good, so I'm willing to give it a try!

Mothering › Groups › April 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Insomnia?