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Cautiously joining

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Hello all! I just found out I am pregnant, due at the end of August.  I got pregnant 16 days after an early miscarriage which occurred in November.  I have one DD who is 2.75 years old.  It was my first miscarriage and after that experience, I am just so nervous this time around.  I want to be excited but it is hard! There is so much waiting and wondering involved with the first trimester.  I am just hoping that this baby sticks around and that I can have a healthy and happy pregnancy. 


Hope you all are doing well!

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Welcome! You're in good company here. :-) Pregnancy after a loss is hard no matter how you look at it. For me, I try not to focus on it too much. But here I am at 7 weeks, joining a DDC. So I guess I'm not doing such a great job of not focusing on it, huh? :-P
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I had an early miscarriage last month too and got pregnant 12 days later.  I understand the nervousness.  I just try to remember all the success stories I hear of healthy pregnancies after miscarriage.  Just wanted to say hi:)

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You're in good company - I had an early miscarriage 2 months before getting pregnant with my last baby (now 2), and I don't think I really relaxed until well into the 2nd trimester.  I hope this bean sticks!

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Thank you so much ladies! I am trying to be more positive today.  Hoping these next few weeks go by quickly.  I had terrible morning sickness with my daughter and although I dread it, I wouldn't mind having a little just for a little reassurance!


Looking forward to being part of this group and sharing and learning:)

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Congratulations! I've had 5 m/c unfortunately while trying for #2 and yes, it's very, very hard. Big hugs to you and I hope you enjoy your pregnancy :)

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I've had three early losses as well. Unfortunately, I have no sage words of wisdom, just commiseration. It's going to be a long few weeks before the big ultrasound.

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Wow, you just don't realize how common miscarriages are. 


My insurance stinks and have to meet a 500 deductible before an ultrasound would be covered and out of pocket they are like 500 dollars (early ultrasound).  So it looks like I have to wait until the 10-12 week appt to hear the heartbeat.  I am only 3.5 weeks now.  That is FOREVER away. 


Wishing you all the best too!

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Hi Oregon! Do you have any idea what could causing your losses? I have had 7 pregnancies, and took progesterone supplements in all 3 in which I saw a heartbeat by 7 weeks. (except for the ectopic) Some evidence suggests progesterone supplements can prevent miscarriage, and even docs who are skeptical seem to at least believe it wouldn't hurt and can be amenable to writing you a prescription. Just an "easy" thing you can do that might help. Don't stress about not getting an early ultrasound if you can--ultimately, it won't change the outcome, whereas at least progesterone might help.

Oh, and I am a data geek, so I can tell you that based on the US National Survey of Family Growth (data from 2008), about 30 percent of women of reproductive age (19-45) who have ever been pregnant have experienced miscarriage.
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Porcelina-- I have only had one chemical pregnancy. Thanks for the data!

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Oh, sorry, not sure where I got that you had had more than one! In any event, sticky baby dust to you!

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No worries!

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Oregon you are not alone! I am just about 4 weeks 5 days and I too had a loss a few months back (mine was in August). It took us 3 cycles to get pregnant again, which I'm thankful for, but now I am on pins & needles with worry/anxiety. Our first u/s is Jan 8, when I'll be 7 weeks and hopefully we'll see that heartbeat. With our loss we never saw a hb so until I see that I will be very nervous.. thank goodness for the holidays to keep us busy until then! 

Hope you have a happy & healthy 9 mos! 

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Thanks for sharing. You'll have to let us know how your ultrasound goes! I'm freaking out a bit tonight because I had a bit of spotting tonight. Hoping these weeks pass by quickly! Good luck!
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