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Oh and I might add, I am still far from paleo perfection right now as I finish my five guys cheeseburger and fries that I HAD to have today smile.gif
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Thanks, Jillgayle. I just ordered a huge smashburger thanks to your post. I wanted 5 guys but I didn't feel like driving that far smile.gif
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Ooh sorry songbird!! I have to say, yesterday morning was awful. I hardly got up to do anything until close to 2 pm. I felt like the worst mom in the world:( and my dH has had to do all the cleaning and prep for tonight and tomorrow. We have guests on both days. I did eat an entirely grain free diet yesterday though and slept the best I have in two weeks, although still up every 3 hrs hungry and shaky in the morning. Anyone else eating in the middle of the night? What are snacking on? With my first I would eat a huge bowl of cereal and then go back to bed. Last night it was grapes , then a cheese stick, then blueberries.
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Yes, at 2:30 last night, I couldn't ignore the hunger pangs and knew I'd start dry heaving if I did. I had leftover Mexican food. At first, the leftover beans and rice seemed like the perfect thing, but after about half of it was gone, I suddenly had this feeling of: take one more bite and you will surely vomit. So I quit! Back in bed, I was exhausted, but the nausea was so awful, I had to do some deep breaths for about 20 minutes sitting upright and then reading on my kindle for another 45 before I could finally lay down and go back to sleep.

I hate eating in the middle of the night. It feels lonely and scary and like I'm totally out of control. :-/
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Hi ladies-- I have has a pretty rough day and a half. After performing on Friday and Saturday nights late then turning around to do a Sunday brunch performance I was out of it. I've been in the floor while DH has been running around trying to do last minute Christmas prep and making happy happy for the kids. I have stopped taking most of my supplements, but I still take the enzymes every time I eat. I accept that I have not beat HG and that nausea/vomiting is here. But my main goal is to stay hydrated. I am amazingly blessed so far to have no smell aversions. That's huge for me. I am 6 weeks today.

Crafty- thanks for saying I am inspiring smile.gif the kids worry about me, especially 7 year old dd. but I promised them I would dance on Christmas Day. And I plan to!

Jillgayle- yes I am eating in the middle of the night, although phenergan helps me sleep through it some. I do cheese sticks, deli meat, apple slices.

I agree with crafty that eating in the middle of the night feels yucky. I hate it. This whole thing feels yucky. I've been crying today. I just keep looking at my kids and trying to stay positive. You ladies who have posted on this thread are in my thoughts. If you celebrate Christmas, have a merry merry. And stay strong.
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Hugs songbirdsparkle! I have had a rough day too and have been wondering how all of y'all are doing. I had to throw up before and after Christmas candlelight service. I finally got around to wrapping all the gifts and I felt lightheaded and dizzy as I tried to cut the paper straight while sitting on the floor. There was definitely crying.

I am usually totally Donna Reed at Christmas. I bake, I sew, I wrap clever things on top of parcels, make and send hilarious and highly personal Christmas cards, decorate like National Lampoons, etc. I get very excited about Christmas! But this year, the theme has been one day at a time/whatever I can manage. I didn't bake. I didn't sew. I have not sent one Christmas card, and my tree and house are decorated just this side of Grinch. It's very depressing to me not to be able to celebrate the way I like. But there are worse problems...

Thinking of you all and wishing you a happy Christmas. Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, a peaceful winter's night. And may all our stomachs be even-keeled and well behaved for a bit.
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My midnight snack usually consists of a wonderful egg drink from lovingourguts.com. 2 eggs, 2 Tbsp butter, 2 Tbsp coconut oil, 1 Tbsp raw honey, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp vanilla blend and then mix with 1 1/2 cups boiling water. I use the teapot so it heats fast.
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I hope each of you have had a nice Christmas too! We have been hosting for two days and I am wiped out. My dh has been more than amazing getting the house ready, but there have still been tears. I just wanted everyone to go away really. Super cranky, sick to my stomach and soooo tired. Plus we are not telling anyone because I have not even had my first appt yet. I keep wondering how I did this the first time.
I found some frozen kefir pops that are my new best friend. I have eaten the entire box in two days. I find them filling and soothing to my stomach.
I completely agree with feeling yucky and out of control when eating in the middle of the night. Last night i was so shaky too it was sort of scary, Between the nausea and the peeing I am up every two hours. Exhausted.
I am trying desperately to take it one day at a time. Actually really happy the holidays are over.
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Well, I haven't had my first OB appt yet, but they are calling in a prescription for Zofran for me today.  I was on it the first time well into my 2nd trimester and it helped.  I hoping for some relief. I think it made me really sleepy though, which is okay because I could use the sleep!

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JillGayle I hope the zofran brings you some relief! I was on zofran throughout my first pregnancy--weaned myself down but never totally got off of it til delivery! I'm on phenergan this time but I may have to get a script for zofran at some point too. Are you keeping anything down at all?

Crafty I am sorry you were not able to do your usual Christmas stuff. I fell way short this year too. DH has really stepped it up this year. I told him he saved Christmas! Lol.

Well I am doing okay. Been having some intermittent spotting and trying to decide whether to go in. I still feel HG-like weakness even though I am not vomiting much and haven't lost weight (yay!) so I'm just laying around the house wondering how on earth I am going to function once DH goes back to work.
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I wonder how to determine if phenergan or zofran will be more helpful. The phenergan hasn't saved me entirely, but it was a lot more effective for me than the zofran. I wonder if it can even vary with the same person, different pregnancies.

Today is the first day in a couple of weeks where I haven't been wishing for a quick death. I am definitely still unshowered and in my pajama uniform, but aside from a quick and unfortunate vomiting spell this morning, I've mostly stayed ahead of it. I pretty much ate an entire roll of Saltines though. :-/ I even had a short burst of energy wherein I pulled my house back from the brink of disgusting. I feel quite pleased! I wonder how many people who haven't even brushed their hair are saying that about their day? Ha!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, really) DH has barely been home at all during holiday time. He owns his own business, which is really picking up and I am so proud of him. The downside of course is that he's only home in the evenings and I am always desperate to see him by then, have him start the laundry, change diapers, play outside with our son for any remaining daylight, etc.

But for the first time in a long time, I'm feeling optimistic that this will end sometime. I knew it would, but it's hard to see when you're in the throes. I may be right back in the trenches tomorrow, or even tonight. But for now, just feeling grateful for this momentary break in the clouds.
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How is it going today, crafty? I know with my first pregnancy I did zofran because it dissolves on the tongue and I couldn't swallow anything. With my second pregnancy I was admitted to the hospital, got me on phenergan. I continued to take it after I was released. This time I'd really love to avoid zofran. It was just so hard on my digestive tract. I also got a rash on my belly that may have been from it.

Right now I am pretty bad, but still better than I was in my other pregnancies. I can't stand or do anything around the house, but I am holding down some food. Unfortunately, I have had to cancel all performances for this weekend, including ones that were with a band that was counting on me. It feels awful, but what else can I do. I can't even stand, let alone SING! I went for IV fluids yesterday. But it didn't really help at all. I am just trying to hang in there, hoping and praying this is the worst of it.

I wish calm tummies to all you ladies. Just get help as you need--fluids, meds, whatever. Don't wait!
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Hugs songbirdsparkle! You are a wise lady to go get IV fluids. I can hardly get bathed and put on clean pajamas once a day, let alone venture out of the house. Can you just request IV fluids at any hospital? I'm holding down food with the help of phenergan, but I filled my last refill yesterday: eep! Hopefully next week I can make a case for more. Maybe me heaving in the background will be sufficient.

I had a couple of not horrible days 3 and 2 days ago, but yesterday the hammer came back down. I didn't venture more than a few steps all day. Today is better than yesterday in that it didn't begin with vomiting, but I've felt on the brink most of the day. I managed to fold some laundry.

Also, this may be gross, but I drank two cokes and the fizziness of the carbonation allowed me to burp up a lot of my discomfort for a couple of hours. It seemed it quelled the heaving briefly. Of course, any more and the sugar might do me in, but I was grateful for this slight relief.

I am sorry you had to cancel your shows. I hope the band can find someone to stand in, though I'm sure you're in great demand, especially this time of year. I would love to hear you sing! I like your username a lot, too. I used to play roller derby and though I had kind of a dumb player name (Roly Ghost), my favorite player from the Austin league was SparklePlenty. Weird tangent. smile.gif Hope you can find some rest and peace.
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Sounds like we are all in this rocky boat together!  Songbird- so sorry you had to cancel shows and go in for IV- i am sure it was the right thing to do though!  Crafty- Glad to hear you have had a few moments of relief, i know that they feel far and few between. 


AFM: I have been in bed since Friday. I work full time and there are only so many days I can take off, but it just wasn't happening. I am back to work today, barely. I have been taking zofran every 12 hours (trying to stretch it out) but still puking.  This morning my DS woke up and had peed through his diaper and pjs and bed linens.  It was all i  could do not to throw up on him. Plus I now I am so constipated!  I don't know if its just the stage in pregnancy or the zofran ( i know that can be a side effect).


Things i have been able to successfully get down, and keep have been beef broth with some carrots in it, rice crackers, rice crispies, coconut milk smoothie pops. I think that's it.  Can i live off of that?




BTW Crafty, I was only able to get 9 pills of zofran for 1 week (even though dr. prescribed 1 every 8 hours). Of course i am almost out.  I just called to try to refill it and the automated script line wouldn't refill it, but when i talked to the pharmacist they did. I remember last time around, i had to pay for some out of pocket to carry me through, it wasn't that expensive and completely worth it. Maybe you can do that before you run out.  

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I hope this doesn't sound terrible, but it's comforting to know you ladies are in this with me as I start to see so many others starting to perk up and feel better on the general chat thread. Of course, I don't wish this on anyone and would sincerely love for us to all feel great. But it's so hard feeling like the one left behind when everyone's so giddy. :-/

I can't believe I'm even bringing this up, but I am an avid Twitter user and the news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye having a baby was trending and I just felt so furious like oh yes, pregnancy is so glamorous! I am happy for anyone welcoming a new miracle, I just felt anger about "bump watch" and all that stupid, superficial stuff when I'm over here doing the serious work of making a baby and I look and feel like total crap! Ugh! Am I making any sense?

Thinking of you Jillgayle and Songbird and hoping our days of sunshine a d glamorous pregnancy are in the near future! smile.gif Happy New Year!
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Crafty I know where you are coming from. It doesn't sound ridiculous. I want to respond more but too weak. Pretty miserable and DH goes back to work tomorrow. We are scrambling trying to find someone to help me out. No relatives around. Sucks. Sorry to be negative. Much love to you all.
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How far along are all? I had all day sickness with my daughter and anxiously wondering if I'll have it again. Last time it started around 6.5 weeks and I am just now 6 weeks now...I feel for you all!!
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I'm 10 weeks, which seems better than 9 weeks, but mainly because I am just telling myself that. Ha! Or am worn down.

Welcome to our club of sad sacks Oregon. Or hopefully not! By the way, I call us all sad sacks in the most loving way! <3
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I'm just assuming I'll have it again but no real signs of it yet. When did it start for you all? I have a 2.5 year old, no family around, my husband is in grad school and teach in a Montessori classroom 2 days a week and can't call off...last time, I had a different job and tons of sick days and called off lots...nervous!
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I think about 5 weeks I was feeling a little queasy, extra hungry, and a bit tired. By 6 weeks, I was pretty much struggling to get to work. And by 7 weeks, I just stayed home and had started throwing up at least once a day. I found each week intensely worse than the week before, but while 10 is not great, it is better than 9, which was total hell. I can't remember too well the week-by-week of my previous pregnancy except I know I was starting to feel it by 5 weeks and 16 weeks was intense vomiting time. Ah, memories!
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