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Oh Crafty, so jealous your at 10w- even though I know it has not been that much better.  SOngbird- I hope you get someone to come in and help you out.  My DH has been our saving grace the past two weeks.  Its all i could do yesterday to just fold my Ds's small basket of laundry and put him to bed.    I had been taking the zofran  every 12 hours trying to stretch it out, and that was working until yesterday.  I had to take 3 pills and even still, vomited multiple times.  Woke up this morning, still vomiting   Paleo diet is increasingly difficult, although i am still trying to be at least gluten free, rice crackers and rice cereal.  Yesterday I discovered plain yogurt with frozen cherries and honey. I ate it three times.   Today will be my first ob appt., so something to look forward to at least.


Oregon- With my first and now this one, MS came on full force at 7 weeks. First time i dont think i started any meds until 10 weeks and by that time ob was recommending hospital for IV. I thought maybe if i started zofran earlier i could avoid that, but i don't know yet.  Every day i am hoping for a healthy baby and to stop vomitting before 20 weeks this time. 

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Oregon, i really hope this time is different for you!

Crafty I am jealous of your ten weeks too, although I know you are still struggling. But let us know of any improvements---it will give the rest of us hope!!! Oh and I'm glad you like my username! Roly Ghost almost made me puke a little cause I chuckled. That ROCKS! Lol.

Jill I think it's great that you are still gluten free. I just eat whatever at this point. You must be so strong. That yogurt with frozen cherries and honey sounds so good!

This is my first day home alone with the kids. 7 yo is doing multiplication drill workbook and 5 yo is scribbling in his journal. DH and I have been watching these documentaries on ancient alien theory and the kids watched some too. I think my 5yo is drawing a spaceship. Yes we are raising the next generation of nerds:).

I had applejacks for breakfast and I'm about to take my phenergan. My sense of smell is more acute but nothing like it was in my other pregnancies. I think that is the one thing saving me this pregnancy so far. If I can have the kids productive and not kill each other today, I will consider myself successful. I do have a couple of difficult phone calls to make today, canceling private clients for events later this month. I really hate to. But I can't imagine myself dressing up and performing at black tie dinners and banquets. Can you??? Lol. I could take my spit cup. Lol.

Onward, ladies:)
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I was so excited to tell y'all about what a good day I was having (I showered! I went to the grocery store! I made lunch!). But now, at 7 pm, I'm kind of wanting to die. I'm distracting myself from continued vomiting (2 bad ones just maybe 20 min apart), by lying in bed, reading this forum on my phone, and trying to take deep breaths.

Does it feel worse to anyone that the cold, cold winter is just like the darkness closing in? I wish we had a fireplace. I need to see light and warmth more tangibly than 60 watts.

I'm heartened by having a better early day, but I'm pretty depressed at this turn of events. Makes me feel like: why bother? Hope I can muster the energy to get out of bed tomorrow. I'm running out of sick days and the work is PILING up.

Songbird, I'm so impressed with your kids activities. I am defaulting to: here's Scooby Doo. Fortunately, Andrew went back to Montessori today, so he was busy and had a lot of fun and kept his schedule.

I talked to a lady today about all my negative self talk. She told me I need to acknowledge all I'm doing right and the important work of growing this baby and not be so down on myself for being a "bad mother." I know she is right, but it's hard to shake the feeling of uselessness when you can't get out of bed.
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After a good afternoon I'm too nauseous now to write much but I will say this:

Crafty, don't you dare down yourself!!!! You are so strong and doing so well!!!! You are being a GREAT mother by growing a sibling for your kids and taking care of yourself as best you can. Girl, when I'm on the floor drooling, I call my kids over to me and I tell em "you see this? I went through this for you too, and worse. Don't you ever think I don't love you!" My 5yo is mostly disgusted by his mom throwing up everywhere, but 7 yo DD gets it. smile.gif
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Oh Crafty: I know what you mean!  I feel like the worst at everything right now.  Worst wife, worst mother, worst employee. I just threw up my entire morning's worth of food at work. I know my intern heard it, her desk is right outside the bathroom door (poor intern.)  So embarrassed. 


Thank you Songbird for your positive words here.  I will try to channel some of that. 

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Well I try to be positive, but truly I am in hell. I feel like the phenergan has stopped working, I've started with that awful spitting, and I am only 8 weeks tomorrow. I hope you ladies are feeling better than I am.
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I have been trying to harness the power of positive thinking and keep saying "you know, I think I'm really turning a corner." This ray if optimism is inevitably followed in relatively short order by vomiting.

Today I went to work! Work! In clothes! Sure, my hair was wet and I wore a gussied up version of house slippers, but hey- I made it! I was still not heaving at lunch time, so I took myself out to lunch and abandoned my plan to return home and work in my pjs from my bed this afternoon. By 5 pm, I was pretty sure I was going to die.

Couldn't eat dinner with my family, just laid in bed hoping someone would just shoot me. I finally started throwing up about 10 minutes ago (I took a phenergan about 20 min ago, incidentally and now I'm heartbroken I "wasted" it even though it obviously didn't work) and honestly, it was a relief, however temporary, from the agony of boiling stomach. So I thought I'd see what my best sick ladies are up to.

Songbird, hang in there. Will it cheer you up to know that 8 and then 9 weeks were pretty much an intolerable level of hell for me? I'm obviously not home free yet, but I do believe (not faux optimism here!) that the worst is behind me. You're in the heart of the beast, but there's light ahead. And you know what they say about going through hell...keep going! How was that for mixing like a thousand metaphors for a mid-vomiting pep talk. Go team!

Just think, when you're 11 weeks like me, you might have a half day of work to look forward to! wink1.gif

Love to you all. Jillgayle, let us know how you are.
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Crafty good for you! I still haven't left my house since before Christmas (well, except that once to get IV fluids). I admire your attempts at humor, but I can't laugh too much or I may gag and vomit. Lol.

I find no humor in anything. I'm just getting sucked down a spiraling nauseous abyss into the seventh circle of HG hell.

I would love to hear that somebody's feeling better than I am. I just got offered a part in a musical that I'll prolly have to turn down because I can't just count on feeling better in three weeks. But what if I did? Wouldn't that be so great? After 2 HG pregnancies don't I deserve a fluffy 2nd trimester? Don't I deserve a break from zofran and phenergan and vomiting??? Ok. I really don't have anything to add. Happy tummies, ladies...
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Hi Ladies.  I thought I would join you.  I had severe HG with DD1 for most of the pregnancy and with DD2 until about 20 weeks.  And now I am 7 weeks with #3 with lots of nausea but no vomiting *yet*.  I live in constant fear that I will wake up one morning and it will start and not stop. But I've made it to 7 weeks so it gives me hope.  I have changed my diet quite a bit since my last pregnancy (more natural, organic whole foods, bone broths, more meat,coconut oil and concentrate, etc.) so I don't know if this is what is helping or not but I am grateful for everyday that I am not lying on the bathroom floor.  Lots of hugs to all of you that are in the middle of it - I've been there and I hope it ends for you soon.

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Hi verde! Oh man, I hope you manage to avoid it this time. I had made a lot of dietary changes too but they've all gone out the window. I say seven weeks with no vomiting is great, lady.

I like this thread though, as it feels like I haven't come really accepted HG, unlike the full on HG boards or forums--although I found those very helpful my first time through this.
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Just trying to keep my head above water. Although I should say things have not gotten worse, that's positive right? Still taking the meds every 8 hours...lost a few pills when timing was off, or dh cooked something gross (which is everything really).
I am trying to move into mindset of acceptance, just that I am going to throw up at least twice a day if not more. I am having some good hours during the day, say 11-2pm. Now if work would just let me work 3 hours a day. All in all I think I might be doing better this time around, although there is still at least one time a day I begging to be put out of my misery.
Birdverde: welcome! i hope hg stays away for you! I too was on a completely different diet before getting pregnant again. i had cut out all grains, no refined sugars. i was so hoping it would eliminate any hg symptoms, but no such luck and by 7 weeks i was eating rice. so still glutenfree, but not paleo.
I thought id share some things i am trying now that I didn't do with my first pregnancy:
Sea bands. I think they're helping?!?
Bone broth, actually I am eating it everyday -and keeping it down. Just adding carrots still not a fan of actual chicken; if I don't have it at home just getting soup out works too
Peppermint oil on my pillows
Coconut water, very new discovery - read the electrolytes help with ms
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How's it going, ladies? Since hitting 8 weeks, I've taken a slide. It's been miserable. At this point all I eat ate cereal and canned peaches. Doctor upped my phenergan to 25mg per sat. I tried zofran, and that lasted all if twelve hours. I just think its too hard on my system.

I am now having a cna coming to the house for 6 hours a day. I'm not sure how its gonna work out; what I really need is help with my two kids who are homeschooled and with me all day.

I am so miserable and to be honest I am not sure I want to keep going with this pregnancy. I just feel so sad that I put myself and my family in this position again. I am just so so sad.
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So sorry Songbird! I hear you about feeling bad.  I just said to my DH the other day how horrible I feel for "doing this" to my DS.  His comment was something along the lines of you're doing something great for him, you're giving him a sibling, a playmate, a life-long friend. I am trying to hold on to that, especially during nights like last night.  


Sorry that the Zofran isn't working for you.  It is terrible on my digestion, but it allows me to be awake during the day and keep down some food. I am so glad that you reached out for help. I hope having the CNA there will be helpful.   

Thinking of you!

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How's it going, ladies? Since hitting 8 weeks, I've taken a slide. It's been miserable. At this point all I eat ate cereal and canned peaches. Doctor upped my phenergan to 25mg per sat. I tried zofran, and that lasted all if twelve hours. I just think its too hard on my system.

I am now having a cna coming to the house for 6 hours a day. I'm not sure how its gonna work out; what I really need is help with my two kids who are homeschooled and with me all day.

I am so miserable and to be honest I am not sure I want to keep going with this pregnancy. I just feel so sad that I put myself and my family in this position again. I am just so so sad.

I'm new to the DDC, but i just wanted to give you some support and let you know that your feelings mimic mine, exactly.  I also have 2 kids that I'm homeschooling and I am SO SO sick.  I feel like I'm dying and it is so unfair to my family.  I thought very seriously today about not wanting to continue with the pregnancy, (and if you knew me you would know just how desperate I am to be feeling this way).  It is so so hard.  I'm sorry you're going through it too, and I'm sorry to everyone else that feels miserable.

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songbird and mama_b - I am so sorry for what you are going through right now.  I know exactly where you are and how it feels, a very lonely place.  With my first pregnancy, there was about 5 weeks where I didn't eat anything, absolutely no food went in my mouth and I could barely keep liquids down.  I think at that point it starts effecting you brain and the terrible thoughts creep in.  One day at a time and if you can't do that, then just one minute at a time.  Thinking of you and praying for you.

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Hugs to all my sick ladies. I just want to add that I too had dark thoughts about wanting to end my pregnancy and stop the agony for everyone. I agree with bird_verde that when you're simultaneously starving and unwilling/unable to bear the thought or the reality of food and you see everything in reverse and your whole worldview is clouded by nausea, exhaustion, and lying on the floor, you're not in your right mind.

Here are some affirmations I try to remind myself of when I'm at the lowest of the low points.

1) I feel horrible, but it's because my baby is thriving. I would never wish the baby to suffer instead of me.

2) though it may seem you are being derelict in your "duties," you are performing the most essential and vital service to the world!

3) this feels like it lasts forever, but even if this is your 3rd, 4th, 5th (etc) time out with HG, it is a relatively short time in the grand scheme of your life. This, too, shall pass.

I'm no Pollyanna, as y'all know, but we really have to do all we can to combat the negative self-talk that is just increasing our misery. Songbird, Jillgayle, bird_verde, Mama_b, we have each other. Please be gentle with yourselves. Phenergan is pretty much my lifeline right now and I'm just accepting it. Yesterday I actually asked on Facebook, what I could mix with it to sleep for several months. But I also need to say to myself: okay, let's take care of this hour. How can I make it this hour? Eventually I'll go to bed for the night and after a lot of days doing this, we're all going to wake up one day NOT having to throw up. Not crying. Not wanting to surrender. Please hang in there, mamas. I think of you all when my stomach is lurching (aren't you glad?!) and I am staring the bile down and know I'm not alone.

To those of you especially in the 7-9 weeks range, hold on! That part is just the worst of the worst. We'll slay the beast!

Corny McPeptalk
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Thank you for the pep talk and earlier kind words. I am almost 9 weeks and def in the belly of the beast. Went to er for fluids today. I've lost 9 pounds. Just trying to hold on. I am annoyed that my midwife doesn't call me. When I call her and she answers she says she will call me back to make an appt but she never does. I am feeling very low right now and I wish I had more support from her. My DH has been great but this is still such a lonely lonely thing.
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Are you sure your MW is the caregiver you want? Last pregnancy I had a very dismissive MW and that was one of many red flags I was too stubborn to pay attention to because I wanted homebirth so much. I'm not saying this is the case for you, but pregnancy is hard enough without a care provider that doesn't care.

AFM, after a few days of not throwing up (this was huge!), I'm back on the chain gang. I've been in bed all morning. Food sounds awful, but I know I need to eat. I am dreading the busy work week ahead. So much work and I just feel horrible. Can't I just skip it?!

I got on the floor to help my DS find a shoe and thought OMG, I'm not gonna be able to get up. I did, just in time to throw up in the toilet. My dear friend is 6 weeks pregnant and she told me she wasn't feeling great after running a half marathon this morning. I almost started crying. She's running half marathons and I'm hurling after looking for a shoe on the floor. :-/
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My mw was great last time. Maybe she has decided that I am too high maintenance with the HG. I don't know. Just doesn't feel very caring. When I first called her she did give me the number of a naturopath who could help me manage the HG. She is also a midwife and truth be told, I am considering switching to her altogether. Very compassionate and responsive.

Crafty I am so glad you had a few better days. I hope you have more. How many weeks are you again?
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Thanks for the pep talk!  I really try to stay positive, but it's so hard.  I think if I had a little more support it would be better, but my dh isn't supportive at all.  He works all the time and he's just annoyed that I'm sick.  I'm 10 weeks, and I'm hoping that I only have a couple weeks left of this.  Please, let it be better at 12 weeks! praying.gif

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