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Mama b I am so sorry your DH is unsupportive. My DH is good with me but not very nurturing and patient with the kids. I am jealous of your 10 weeks. Hopefully it's only up from where you are now
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Hi!  I have been thinking about each of you!  When I am home on the weekends,  I find it so hard to get online, DS hangs all over me wanting to know if I "feel better yet?"  Poor little guy.  But, I have read your posts.  Anyone finding even a small pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel?  I hope so!

I thought i was having a good day on Saturday (either that or a m/c, yes that is where my mind goes :(  This was promptly followed by losing my entire dinner right after putting DS to bed.  I spend all day Sunday in bed trying to simply will myself not to vomit.   Plus my new added bonus is about 20 minutes of dry heaves every morning. Ugg! I don't know which is worse!?!?


I do think the coconut water is helping though.  I feel slightly "refreshed" after drinking some and feel more ready to eat.  I would recommend giving it a try, even if its just small sips. 

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I've noticed that coconut water helps me some too.  Also, smart water is good.  Anything with electrolytes makes me feel a little better than usual.

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I'm looking at the view from 12 weeks and, I gotta say, it could be better. :-/

I spent all weekend in bed and every time I felt vomitous (most of the time) I put on my headphones and listened to hypnosis or This American Life until I fell asleep. Sleep is usually my only escape.

My sister sent me something called DigestZen and I have to say, it does kind of cool down a boiling stomach-you know when you're like bubbling over with fiery, angry nausea. She's even more of a hippy than me, so I can say for sure there's nothing chemically about it. You can look it up on Amazon (and probably other places) to know more. My sister is also a major nausea sufferer and it's very nice to have someone so close understand and have so much empathy.

Saw my OB today and told him I was still sick. He was like..."Have you tried..." And I was like dude, you cannot suggest one thing short of smoking crack I haven't tried. But he had good humor about it. I told him it was worse at night and he told me it was the same for his wife who is about as far along as we all are. Apparently she has also put him on notice that sometimes: nausea happens and there ain't no cure, just suffering!

Thinking of all y'all and hoping for some sunshine for us all soon.
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Wow, Crafty-12 weeks! That's exciting. Although I wish you could report a calmer tummy!!!

I am awake and nauseous in the middle of the night. DH snores, my hips hurt, and all I do is lie here and think think think.....
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Crafty - Thanks for the positive affirmations.  I have been reading them over the past couple days as things for me are getting worse and those words help.


I am no where near the worst it has been with my previous pregnancies but I am to the point where just the sight of food increases my nausea.  there are better days ahead, i hope.

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Hi ladies-- how are you all? I have had a pretty typically bad HG day but I DID manage to get in touch with my midwife. She came over tonight, and I really needed her support. She asked me what she could do for me and I told her she can tell me I'm too sick to continue this pregnancy. Of course she didn't. She's a mother if seven herself and compassionate, but rather matter-of-fact, and I think that's what I need to get me through this. She reminded me that I've done this before and how worth it it will be. And.....she was able to find the heartbeat at 9w2d!!!!! Honestly, the way I feel I didn't think I'd give a flying fig about a heartbeat. But I was so glad to hear it. So relieved. I can keep telling myself this is a baby and not a sickness, but it's really nice to have that affirmed! HB was strong, in the 170's

So right now I'm lying in bed nibbling the flesh of green apples ( discarding the skin) and feeling pretty good. My kiddos were excited too. It was good to see my midwife again after so long--to see her talking to my son that she pulled into the world 5 years ago! She's holding out hope that I will get some relief next week. Fingers crossed.

I asked her too whether she put any stock in old wives tales or the idea of similar pregnancies for same gender and she said yes. This pregnancy feels so mug like my DD's. I really feel like this ones a girl!

How are y'all doing?
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I had a regular work day today...during which I threw up 3 times. I'd feel, you know normal level of low energy and stomach disturbance, and then I'd just start heaving. I had to pull over in a parking lot to vomit bile on the way to a meeting this morning. Seriously?!

And still I'm optimistic I'll turn a corner soon. Am I nuts? Delusional? Unwilling to accept a crushed spirit?

I just desperately want to wake up some morning-- not even FEELING GREAT! Just not feeling horrible. Not think of going to work and getting dressed as a punishment. Wah. Wah. Poor me.

Songbird, so happy you got to hear the heartbeat! I got to hear it on Monday and it lifted me unexpectedly, too, to hear the gentle whirring.

New brilliant idea: eat a million clementine oranges. They're the first food in a long time that I do more than tolerate. They're so delicious and the smell is heavenly! I went through half a bag last night. :-/

Thinking of you all. Feeling cranky, etc. my misery loves your company though.
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Crafty! I admire you so much for being able to work with this level of ms!!!! I have an angel of a friend who will so shopping for me tomorrow. She recommended cuties and I said yes!!! Does the acid bother you though?
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Crafty! I admire you so much for being able to work with this level of ms!!!! I have an angel of a friend who will so shopping for me tomorrow. She recommended cuties and I said yes!!! Does the acid bother you though?
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Originally Posted by songbirdsparkle View Post

Crafty! I admire you so much for being able to work with this level of ms!!!! I have an angel of a friend who will so shopping for me tomorrow. She recommended cuties and I said yes!!! Does the acid bother you though?

Ha! For every day I work, I spend AT LEAST 1.5 in bed in pajamas bemoaning my fate, falling behind, and thinking "why me?" At least I finally threw down the gauntlet and started wearing maternity clothes today. Regular clothes still fit (especially since I'm losing weight- hey!), they're just super awkward and bulgey at the waist.

The acid from the orange is not bothering me at all. I don't know if it's because I'm already so miserable or what. They seem kind of cooling actually and I've been eating them while drinking a big glass of water. So far, so...still alive? The vitamin C will fortify me!
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Oh boy, throwing up in the car. The worst! That was me last week. Dare I say I have been having a good couple days? The nausea is ever present, but I am keeping more food down. I am severely constipated from the meds though. I definetly need some relief from that too now.
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Jillgayle, are you on zofran? That stopped me up horribly, too. :-/ I wish I could tell you my secret, but it was that I stopped taking it because it didn't work for me. Honestly, I am not sure the phenergan is working either. I am so glad to hear you've been feeling better, even if it's just for a bit.

Today I am walking the exhausting line of both pregnancy sick and I think sick sick. So add sore throat and cough to my awesome nausea (and maybe increased nausea???).

I am going to feel better soon! I have decided! Maybe. Probably. Thinking of y'all.
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I hear you Crafty. I just can't mess with zofran. Feels to hard on my system. I'm not sure if phenergan is working for me either but I am still taking it. I had 8 cuties today and they stayed down. They were delicious.

Jillgayle I'm glad you are keeping more food down! That's great news even though I know the nausea still sucks.

AFM, this was a good day. I didn't vomit even once and I've even been able to hold my stomach through the difficult evening hours. I am just waiting for the phenergan I took to whisk me away. Now I am 9w 3d and I'm hoping the worst is behind me-- that even if I do have more bad days they won't be worse than what I've been through already. I hope the same for you ladies. Hang in there!!!!
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Crafty: Oh no, a cold too!  My DS has been sick and so I am just waiting to get it.  I can't imagine coughing on top of everything else.


Songbird:  Yay for a whole day without vomiting!  I hope it a step in the right direction :)


AFM: Yep, on the zofran 3 4mg per day.  It is awful on my digestion. DH is at the store buying a variety of things to help me go.  Of course Dr. office is recommending all chemicals (stool softners, colace, milk of magnesia). I know I'm taking meds, but i like to keep it at that if possible. 


10 weeks today. If this all subsides by 12 weeks I will be so grateful, thankful, excited, appreciative!  I am trying not even to think about it lasting to 20 like last time.  I'm struggling as it is. I am late to work every day and sometimes so distracted by the nausea i don't get anything done for hours (or I'm on MDC posting :)


Oh and what's with the citrus?  I never drank juice before, but now all i want is orange juice.  

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Yay Jillgayle at 10 weeks!!!! That's a nice little milestone!! My wish for you is that you can celebrate with a nice big poop!!! Lol. Yeah you're already on meds, but I totally hear you not wanting to be on more chemicals. I know I've been able to find effective, natural laxatives for my DS at the health food store. Maybe you can find something and get some relief. I remember with my zofran pregnancy i'd go like 2 weeks without a movement. Not a good feeling, I know.

And yes, thanks to Crafty McMandarin, I'm on my fifth cutie already this morning. He he he. Our poor malnourished bodies are probably loving this vitamin C!!!

Hey has anyone heard from bird_verde or mama_b? I hope they're doing ok.
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Thanks for asking about me! I'm still sick. Finally saw the midwife and she prescribed zofran. Took it for 2 days and felt WONDERFUL. Very little nausea. BUT I had heart palpitations and then read that it can have heart side effects for some. So I'm not taking it and back to being nauseous. I'm 11 weeks today and hoping I'm almost in the clear. I hope everyone else feels better soon too.
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Good to hear from you mama but sorry to hear about the zofran. Didn't know that was a potential side effect! I hope you are getting close to some relief as you near the end of the first tri

I have gone 2 days without vomiting, and for that, I am thankful.
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Hi ladies,

Just reading over this thread this morning because it's the first time I've felt like I could do anything in weeks.  I can totally relate to all of you because I have constant nausea and vomiting too.  It is so miserable and seems so endless!  It's nice to know I (we) are not alone, even though I'm sorry you are all suffering too.  I am not able to do much of anything and hate the sound of almost all food.  Then when I need to eat I am afraid to because I don't want to throw it up.  I have lost 8 pounds so far, not that I don't have plenty to lose anyway but this is a rough way to lose it.  I am 12 weeks tomorrow, according to my last period, but they moved my due date back a week after my ultrasound last week because the baby was measuring smaller.  I hate to lose that week!!!  I can't bear to have another week of sickness.  So I am still saying 12 weeks, but my midwife would say 11.  It seems like my last pregnancies, I didn't start feeling better until around 16 weeks.  But since I am feeling some relief this morning, I am going to hope that it is starting to improve! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. 

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Hi blessedmommie! I would say good to see you on this thread, but it's really not, is it? Lol. But I am so happy to hear you are feeling improvement today and I truly hope it sticks!!!! I rejoice for any good news I read from my fellow hyperemesis mamas. Because I know how lonely and terrible this is. Plus it gives me hope!!!!

I am 9w5d today and this is my third day without vomiting. I am able to walk a little bit, I can talk for longer stretches at a time, and I have gained back 4 of the 12 pounds I've lost. Still taking it hour by hour, and so so thankful for every bite and swallow I can take. I never experienced any length of reprieve so early in previous pregnancies.
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