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advice on the divorce process?

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum.

Anyone with any advice on the divorce process, or who has already been through it, please advise.


I am Gennifer, and I live in Atlanta. I will give my stats now:

Married 29 years.

4 adult children (One with disabilities I care for her)

I did not finish school- never have worked


My STBX is a GOV employ 23 yrs.

has history of abuse on me.


secret bank accounts/MANY signature loans worth thousands of dollars.


I have already gotten a TPO in place, he has been gone for several months now.

I have already filed for divorce.

I have a lawyer, he does not.

We have already attended the first of the 3 required

  Domestic Relations 30-Day Scheduling Conference

Since he has been out of the home he has purchased a expensive android phone (he already had a phone) a new car (he took 2 cars with him when he left) and maybe another new car in question (4 cars in total)

a new computer (he took 2 with him when he left)

and $26,000 dollars worth of new credit card accounts.

ALSO he is pulling $ out of his 40k1, and keeping the joint bank account in the negative.

The original divorce petition says: no spending other than normal everyday expense, and he is going overboard.


he is paying me alimony each month- it is not enough, I am paying all of the household bills including the mortgage , and it is so hard for me to pay for everything and then to top it off I am now paying $ for the lawyer- and now they have a PI looking into the 'hidden' accounts.


My Question is:

Is there any particular things I should know to ask, or seek out in the negotiation process? and what should I expect if he is difficult and all this goes to trial?


I do have evidence of his adultery, and many signature loans taking funds away from our family.


any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I hope someone here with exp. responds but you may benefit from cross posting in the single parents area too.  I am sorry you are going through this.  Your soon to be ex sounds like a piece of work!

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Thank you so much.

And yes he is awful.

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