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Divorce advise?

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I'm sorry if I have put this thread in the wrong section:

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum.

Anyone with any advice on the divorce process, or who has already been through it, please advise.


I am Gennifer, and I live in Atlanta. I will give my stats now:

Married 29 years.

4 adult children (One with disabilities I care for her)

I did not finish school- never have worked


My STBX is a GOV employ 23 yrs.

has history of abuse on me.


secret bank accounts/MANY signature loans worth thousands of dollars.


I have already gotten a TPO in place, he has been gone for several months now.

I have already filed for divorce.

I have a lawyer, he does not.

We have already attended the first of the 3 required

  Domestic Relations 30-Day Scheduling Conference

Since he has been out of the home he has purchased a expensive android phone (he already had a phone) a new car (he took 2 cars with him when he left) and maybe another new car in question (4 cars in total)

a new computer (he took 2 with him when he left)

and $26,000 dollars worth of new credit card accounts.

ALSO he is pulling $ out of his 40k1, and keeping the joint bank account in the negative.

The original divorce petition says: no spending other than normal everyday expense, and he is going overboard.


he is paying me alimony each month- it is not enough, I am paying all of the household bills including the mortgage , and it is so hard for me to pay for everything and then to top it off I am now paying $ for the lawyer- and now they have a PI looking into the 'hidden' accounts.


My Question is:

Is there any particular things I should know to ask, or seek out in the negotiation process? and what should I expect if he is difficult and all this goes to trial?


I do have evidence of his adultery, and many signature loans taking funds away from our family.


any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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My divorce was very unique. I handled it myself and we used mediation. Presented the whole thing in court and the judge basically agreed to everything we had previously worked out including neither of us paying support to the other just caring for our teenage daughter who stayed with both of us. I spent about $250 in all - that's including copies, filing fees and such. I can't really compare your situation to mine.

First off, I would like to say congrats on having the courage to take that step. It was a huge one. Having been in an abusive relationship in the past, I know how difficult that can be.

Seeing what other people have gone through in their divorces, I would recommend that you let your lawyer and the courts deal with it. Give them the information they need, hope the judge considers everything carefully and that he makes a just decision. In the meantime, apply for any assistance you may need especially to help with caring for your daughter.

Good luck!

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