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3 across in an '05 Corolla and '99 Camry

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I really don't want to have to buy a new car (though we'll be selling and upgrading the '99 eventually) but we'll have a newborn in the summer so we'll have to do 3 across. Not to mention i'd like the seats to also fit in the ILs and sitter's vehicle for any needed school pick ups.


DD-5 rides in a Britax Blvd (goes to 65 lbs and she's at 40lbs) and DD2 is now 2 (33lbs) and also has a Britax Blvd. In the sitter's car they have a Cosco Scerena Booster 5pt harness combo and a Cosco high back booster. The ILs have a Cosco scerena and a Cosco Scerena 5pt/ booster combo.


In the perfect world, I'd only have to get a seat for the baby. A bucket would be nice for quick trips in and out but otherwise I'll sling the baby. My babes usually go from bucket to convertible about 6-8months. Can you point me to any threads or websites that have '05 corollas or '99 camry's with infant seats in addition to 2 FF convertibles?


I know getting new seats is much cheaper vs a car but it's stressing me out. We have 4 sets of seats as sometimes DH drops off girls in the morning and then I pick up, but sometimes sitter picks up while I'm at work. Our schedules are too crazy to be re-installing seats daily.


I have been skimming this site for help: http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=33226 but there are so many types of seats...

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For your older two, I would look into radians.  They are super narrow.  Then you could do a narrow bucket for baby (and hopefully it'll fit), I'd look at the keyfit or the onboard (If I'm rememering right those are narrower - someone else here may be in the know better).  If a bucket won't work, you could do a 3rd radian or a concorro.

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The Britax's have quite a narrow base, so you may be able to get the infant seat between them. For sure, order from somewhere like diapers.com or amazon that does great returns.

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There's been a couple threads for 3 in an 05 corolla in the past couple of months. 


I know one person was planning a high back booster, FF Radian, and Cocorro.   I think her older kids were something like 6 or 7 and 4.


You could ask to take the display models to your car to see if they fit.

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