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Crafting for Baby?

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Is anyone else planning out their sewing, knitting, crochet projects for the new baby?! I have an ever growing list that will only get longer if we find out this baby is a girl (we have 2 boys). I know we won't need much for a summer baby, but want to get a few sweaters and other things done for next fall/winter finished prior to baby's arrival, because I know there won't be much knitting or sewing happening for a few months afterward. I have had 2 winter babies, so the clothes will be off seasonally...more reason to make new things!


knit.gifMy list:

Sewing - bibs, flannel burp cloths (I have spitty babies), simple cotton/linen pants, cloth shoes, special blanket (made from some of my Dad's shirts - he passed away a week after we found out we are expecting).

Knitting - Sweaters/cardigans, vests, diaper covers


So what projects are you planning? Share pictures :)

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Oh thank goodness you are just planning so far!  I thought you were already making them and I was going to feel really badly about myself.  I am still trying to survive Christmas!  ( I still need to make capes for my DDs, guess I better get on it.)

I am hoping to make a swaddle blanket and embellish some onsies with fabric.  I also need to sew some burp cloths for what I am assuming will be another reflux baby.   I may end up sewing the crib sheets and duster too.  I might sew some little comfy pants depending on what we get as gifts or hand-me-downs.  I want to make a quilt for my friend's baby who is due in February.   We'll see what actually gets done since making a big quilt to use up scrap fabric and make more room in our closet is towards the top of my priority list. 

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I wish I had my sewing machine, but it's in the States and it would be silly to buy one here in Romania where we don't know how long we're staying. I could make so many things! I may sew a couple of (simple!) things by hand, but I don't particularly like sewing by hand so it won't be nearly as much. 


I am knitting a sleep sack/dress (I'm going to put a drawstring in the bottom rather than sewing it up and make it resizable along the sides so that it can also be used as a dress, hopefully for several months. Assuming she's a girl, haha). I've also knitted a little pair of booties, but I only have one set of needles (and a crochet hook of the same size) so it's a little hard to find a pattern in the right gauge, and which is also knit flat. After I've finished with the sleep sack I'll probably end up just winging it and coming up with my own thing that's (hopefully) the right size. I'm putting off making anything else until we find out baby's gender in January. 

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I made a lot last time with DS2, so there isn't much I need to make this time.


I was thinking my big project could be making a soft structured baby carrier that will work better at back carrier than my Ergo does, since my Ergo doesn't fit around my enormous bust very well as a back carry.


I've also crochet a blanket for my other two, so this one will get their own specially made blanket too.


I do like the idea of playing around with some nursing clothes for me this time. I really miss wearing dresses to Church when I'm nursing a newborn, so I'd love to come up with something that would work for that purpose until the bubs is old enough to last through the whole Church service without needing to nurse.

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I'm planning on some upcycled felted wool diaper covers. I'd love to make enough to sell. I found a store that would be interested :-). Gonna make some spring maternity wear too.
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Oh I am so wildly impressed by people that can knit or crochet!  I have tried to learn but I just never could stick with it. 


Lyn, I pinned this nursing dress a while ago.  I haven't made it but it looks nice!  http://leafytreetopspot.blogspot.com/2012/02/two-piece-knit-wrap-nursing-dress.html

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Both my DSs were winter babies, so this is a whole new creative ball game. I'm planning on this blanket: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spiral-blanket-of-awesome-a-tutorial



And a few of these shorties: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spare-ribs-shoaker


But first I have a few projects to finish up for others due sooner...

Happy crafting, everyone!

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I so wish I could knit!  I can crochet but I have never stuck to it so it's like relearning every time I start something new.  I've got the sewing thing down pat.


This weekend I made a baby quilt with owls on the front in blues and greens.  I'll post a pic when I can get one in daylight.  The lights in this apartment are terrible and we didn't bring a single lamp with us.


I did not bring my sewing machine with me, it was much to big even though it is a newer machine.  It has a bunch a stitches and special features which I didn't want to get broken on the way to Japan.  So I bought an inexpensive Brother about 2 months after I got here.  It's been a great little machine.  I'm trying to decide what the next project will be.  I have a limited amount of fabric here for the remaining 32 days in Japan and most of it is cottons.


Edited to add: Oh and a quilt for DD that she is getting partially unfinished for Christmas and which I will finish this week.  She has been haunting me too often to sew on it!

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OMG thank you for reminding me that I was going to make some bibs too. I would've totally forgotten. All the bibs I have from DD that have the velcro closures SUCK! and don't stay on. I have some old towels from Goodwill that I was going to make the pullover bibs with. I also have a baby quilt and bonnet that need to be finished, and I am also knitting a baby blankey and just started a nursing dress that has a knitted top with buttons and then a cotton skirt attached that I am embroidering a little design on it. I really hope I get everything finished in time because right when baby is due my goat, Melanie, will be due with her kid(s) and I will have to figure out how to schedule milking, goat raising, gardening, and newborn and toddler stuff all in one month. Oh yeah and it will be chick season again! Looking forward to a busy Spring but hope I am smart enough to go with the flow.

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This reminds me of my pregnancy with my first. It was in the winter and I was telling someone about my farm expanding in the spring and I had my first inkling about my own expansion. So happy to be due in spring and get some skin to skin time in.
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We found out it is a GIRL! Now to start sewing. I had already finished this uni-sex sweater before we found out :)




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That is sooo cute! I got one of those dumb splits in my thumb so my knitting is on hold for now. Maybe I can start those bibs.....

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That is SO cute berrymama!  Is that the one you made or your inspiration picture.

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Originally Posted by CoBabyMaker View Post

That is SO cute berrymama!  Is that the one you made or your inspiration picture.

That is the one I made (based off this pattern, if you are a Ravelry person http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fishermans-pullover). I only had 2 skeins, so it had to be a short sleeve version.

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Things like that make me wish that I knit.  Soooo sweet.

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I'm wrapping up a cross stitch picture frame for BIL and SIL's new little one, and moving on to winter knits. I have a couple non baby-related projects to do quickly (bulky cowl scarves for MIL's birthday and a silent auction fundraiser) and will then move on to something for the babe. There's something about winter that just makes me want to knit.


I have fallen in love with this pattern from Purl Soho (and the cat sitting under the chair):



but plan to make a smaller and more colorful version using worsted or DK weight yarn. I've been obsessing a bit too much about it over the past 24 hours.


Now I'm trying to decide between two potential main yarns. both would give the mottled white/green/rust look I'm going for (kind of like feathers, but more interesting and childlike than brown marl). Do any of you knitters have experience with chainette yarn? I'm not sure how good it would be for a stuffed item as I've never used it. I like the colors in the chainette better - nice robins egg blue in some places - but the other one has an interesting texture. arrgh, I know either one would be fine!  Either would be used in place of white, and the eyes and beak would be white, yellow/green, and brown regardless of the base yarn (but fibers TBD).


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So, it looks like we are having a girl and as soon as my m-i-l heard she asked my mum if she knows how to smock:) And now my mum is googling smocking:)

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Kimble, I LOVE that owl.  That is going to be the 'theme' if you can call it one, for DSs room/DDs room (with her approval already in place of course.  I've got to figure out how to get one since I can't knit to save my life.

Originally Posted by berrymama View Post

We found out it is a GIRL! Now to start sewing. I had already finished this uni-sex sweater before we found out :)





Berrymomma, that is precious!  And something she will pass on to her kids hopefully.  I have gotten some of the hand made items my mother and friends/family made for us and they are really sweet to have.  I love the color too!



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So, it looks like we are having a girl and as soon as my m-i-l heard she asked my mum if she knows how to smock:) And now my mum is googling smocking:)


I know how to smock, and it's so much fun!  Kinda of wish I was having another girl now..!  I did heirloom sewing and smocking for special occasions as a business a while back.  It was fun, but a lot of work too.

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And so here is the much awaited, I-finally-got-around-to-taking-the-darn-picture of the baby quilt:





And this little quicky project was a test run on a reusable snack bag for our take-along snacks (have to bring them everywhere sincewe are celiac):




Definitely be making more of these!  Also finally got DHs pants hemmed and am midway through DDs quilt she got for Christmas...but I screwed up the backing and now have to wait until I get back to the US to buy material because it's too much effort in Japan!

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OMG that quilt is soooo cute!!!

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