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Amazon Prime????

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Does anyone have Amazon Prime and do you use it to stream movies?


We currently uses Netflix for streaming, but I am getting annoyed with the selection.  It isn't that we don't find things to watch, but sometimes I want a mainstream movie and it seems that those have gotten pretty scarce for netflix streaming.  Today, I looked up several movies and netflix had none of them available via streaming, but amazon did. 


If you do use Amazon Prime, can it also stream to the Wii?  Or to an apple TV device?  Do you think the selection is good?  Do you have it for other reasons (free shipping, or the kindle benefit) and the streaming is just an extra?


Let me know.  I am tempted to do the free trial. 



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We have amazon prime. Basically for the free shipping but DS watches movies from there. Honestly the 'free' selection novelty wears off after about a month or so but for kids who want something its ok.

You can get on amazon and search for the free movies and see whats available.

DS only streams to his laptop.

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