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More crampy with each pregnancy?

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Does anyone else experiencing this?


This is my third pregnancy and I am super crampy sometimes, more so then in my previous pregnancies. I was a little crampy last pregancy but this one is so much more.

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I am definitely more crampy this time but as I have gotten closer to the 2nd trimester the cramps are not as painful or often.
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This is my 3rd as well and I'm more crampy for sure. My uterine ligaments are also feeling sore and strained already when I walk a long time.
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Not so crampy, but cervical soreness, and what feels like braxton hicks already. I guess the body gets a bit worn out with all the pregnancies. 

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I have not had much cramping, but a lot of stretches esp when i sat and then get up suddenly, it feels like a lot of stretching. This is my 3rd. 

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Definitely more this time. Freaks me out.
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Me too. Paranoia!
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This is my 12th pregnancy, 8th pregnancy to get to 12w, and I have 5 living children.  I had almost CONSTANT cramping and aches and pains for the first 9-10w.  I described it as the aching was almost where my uterus was cradled (like where it was sitting in there) and it hurt 24/7.  I've decided my "high risk" Dr's office sucks though and no one could ever tell me why it was hurting OR why I had bleeding.  Needless to say, it sucks, and it's scary.  The pain after is WAY worse too :(

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So glad I'm not the only one!  I've been having tons of cramps and I could have sworn I was having braxton hicks last night and it scared the crap out of me.  This is my 4th pregnancy, but I'm only 10 1/2 weeks.  Maybe it's normal, I hope.  

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This is only my second pregnancy but I'm also more achy and crampy than I was with DD. You know that sensation when your abdominal muscles really tighten up and your stomach feels like a steel drum (I have lots of padding but it's unmistakeable)? Well I had that starting in the mid 20 weeks with DD. I've already had that twice with this pregnancy and I'm just 9 weeks! Maybe it's just subsequent pregnancies that our bodies respond to earlier/easier... Or maybe it's just that we are older lol.
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It is reassuring to know so many of us our experiencing this and I know I am not totally abnormal lol.

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This is my 7th pregnancy and yes, I think more cramping.

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Wow, I am so gad someone brought this up!  I was so worried.  This is my sixth pregnancy and I have been so crampy.  I don' remember anything like this this early before.

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Along with the cramps, I have been feeling Braxton Hicks for a few weeks now too. It's worse when I haven't had enough to drink and get a bit dehydrated
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My 6th pregnancy too. I'm not feeling crampy so much as lots of round ligament pain. Especially when getting up from a sitting position. Ouch!
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