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Really quick sharp spasms above belly button?

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Ive been on a modified bed rest for the last couple weeks due to a sub chorionic hematoma And just lately I've been up doing a bit more, and Just tonight, I've gotten a really fast muscle spasm type twinge right above my belly button, the first one was on the left side, and the other one was on the right side. It's gone as fast as it comes, but its such a strong spasm that it stops me dead in my tracks. It's a little bit painful, but not too bad.

I was thinking maybe its because I was doing a little more today than I have in a couple weeks, but it just worries me because I don't want the SCH to get worse. I haven't had any bleeding or anything, since the SCH was caught before it bled or anything, so I was told to take it easy hoping it would re-absorb.

Anyways, I'm hoping this is just ligament pain or something, but I'd like a little reassurance that maybe this happened to someone else, or someone knows what it is! Thanks smile.gif
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Were you twisting/turning/getting up or down/coughing/sneezing/etc. when it happened? That's usually when I get RLP or other muscles twinges. I'd mention it to your care provider, but from your description, it sounds like it could be RLP or some other muscle/whatever pain.
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I think I have felt the same thing, almost always when turning over in bed, sometimes when I am sitting or standing and turn quickly over my shoulder. It's almost always always higher up around my belly on the sides or top. It feels like a spasm or a lurch. I think it's just stretching muscles, and for some reason in recent weeks it's calmed down a little bit.

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Well both times that it happened last night, I had my arms crossed and was kind of resting them on my belly. Oh but now that I think of it, I was coughing a little bit. That must have been what done it. I have had it happen when I move or twist too quickly too, it just hasn't been as severe and startling as last night. I figured it was mostly ligament pain. I've just been trying to really be conscious of what I'm doing and it hasn't happened again since. I will talk to my midwife at my next appt on Jan 3. Just to be sure! Thanks for the replies smile.gif
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sounds a bit like the feeling i get with braxton hicks.. i understand how worrying it is.. when my cervix was measuring small, everytime i felt a twinge i felt sooo much more worried.. it was all fine tho, and it was just me being a worry guts.. i really hope this is the case for you also, and your preg becomes more stable soon xx

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Thanks timesway! I've had a couple Braxton hicks but not too many yet. I've had a couple more twinges today, and it seems it happens when I'm putting pressure on my tummy somehow. Like leaning over or resting my hands or arms on my belly. Everything seems worrying, cuz I would hate to make the SCH worse. Glad you understand! I'm really hoping at my next ultrasound on Jan 11, they tell me that its healed! Fingers crossed!
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i get this also, I think it's just our bodies way of telling us to relax. I get them when I have to lift something heavy, like DD who is 30 lbs and twist the wrong way, I'm sure my doctor would tell me to stop picking her up, but at almost 4 she still loves to cuddle all the time. 

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Aww! My son is the same way ahikaru, I really miss picking him up! I was told to stop lifting heavy things.. greensad.gif he's only like 28 lbs and I just figured it was fine, but I was told that it was lifting him that probably made the SCH as big as it is. Boo.. I make up for it in the morning and at night when I cuddle him like crazy in our bed! Lol.
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Just looked up SCH because I had no idea what it was... how did they find the blood clot?


I'm limiting the times I pick up my DD whenever I start feeling cramps. I hope this is not causing my placenta to be close to my cervix... 


Oh btw, my spasms are below my belly button, mostly in my uterus. They happen once in a awhile when I've been on my feet all day. 

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I was measuring too big at my second appt, so my midwife sent me for a dating ultrasound, and the ultrasound tech found it. (Along with a healthy baby!) I read that it takes a pretty skilled tech to find them, so I was just happy that she found it at that time and I could slow down so it would heal! I found out that it was 6cmx5cm so it had gotten pretty big. I was told to stop lifting, no tight clothes around my belly, no intercourse, the list goes on... My next ultrasound is Jan 11. Then we'll find out if its either decreased in size or has gone away! Hoping for it to be gone!

The one thing that i was glad about was that I had no symptoms or bleeding whatsoever. So I had no idea, and if it weren't for that ultrasound I probably would have continued to make it worse!

The bad thing though, is that I will be paranoid for the rest of my pregnancy...

I wouldn't worry too much about lifting your daughter. I think as long as you do it right then it's okay. Like squatting down, then using your legs to lift rather than your core. I never did it properly..
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