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Should I buy this now? A down snowsuit coat,size 12month,25inches? Will it fit?

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I feel a little crazy doing this thread last minute, but i just didnt think to ask lately, too much exhaustion &headaches. I told this guy from craigslist i was going to stop by and look at a all down snowsuit for 20$,or 15 if i am lucky.I forgot tomorrow was the day until now. I dont know if it will fit but it took sooooo long to find searching the web, i feel like i might as well. But for a july baby, i guess i wouldnt be able to use it until around 16months thru 20months? Maybe too small? Unless i can use it when baby is small like 4months thru 8 & have it be baggy, like in a carrier?smile.gif Will it work either way?
I have been reading about how varied size and growth can be. The guy who has it says his son was small and wore it until 18months, its 25inches from shoulder to heel and the size tag says 12months. I feel like it may be so hard to find something like this &i am already paranoid about not being able to find nice breathable fibers for coats and winter weather. I am imagining even transforming it into something useable for longer and i cant even sew!Have i found a true gem? One step at a time i tell myself, before i start worrying about a whole lifetime of coats! I love my old down coat, with a cotton shell so lucky, and i want baby to have something nice too.
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My daughter was too big for a 12 month snowsuit by the time she was 9 months. I like 2 piece ones better because then if the length is just a tad off, it's not a big deal. It really depends. Babies vary in size. 

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I would relax and buy things when you need them. You can't use a snowsuit on a young baby in the carseat anyways (straps won't be tight enough). What I do for good deals is shop Carter's clearance stuff because they have no time limit on their returns as long as you keep your receipt. $15 for a snowsuit sounds like a good deal but if you child won't wear it then it's a waste. I personally never get snow suits before walking age. I'm not expecting my 6 month old to crawl and play in the snow.
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My personal recommendation would be to focus on what you need in the immediate future. I think a year in advance is a bit early for a child you haven't seen yet because you won't know how big they are, how fast they grow, etc. I would look into younger baby clothes, swaddle blankets if you think you'll use those, infant seat, cloth diapers, etc. 

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I agree with the other girls, focus on what you need now and not so far in advance.

It's hard to know what size they'll be wearing at 16 months when you haven't met them yet!
Plus, you said your apartment is small and cluttered and that was causing you stress, right? Then I wouldn't be filling it up with stuff that you won't need for so long.

Wait, when your baby outgrows its infant stuff, sell that and use the money to buy the next size stuff! That's what we do! smile.gif
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I agree, you can't put a snow suit on a baby in a car seat.  Britax actually recommends against putting a jacket of any kind under the straps of a car seat.  My kids also all wore a 12m when they were 12m old and it will be WAY to hot for that in July next year LOL

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Yes, clutter is,definetly causing me stress. I need to make room for this baby. I guess i will forget about the snowsuit for now but....maybe it can be used for the 4-8 month time, so even if its a big baby, it will fit loosely? I really appreciate the carters suggestion, i will check it out. So do you return lots of stuff every time the baby grows? Do a lot of people do that &they dont care? I guess i am thinking of the first winter, starting oct/nov thru march , and keeping baby warm. Like after being in the car, getting out and putiing on the down suit like a jacket, just going to the store, (even though its so hot in stores) , or just in the carrier for a walk in the woods behind my apt. Or outside at night just for some fresh air and change of scenery. Not for playing in the snow , at least thats not in my mind at all. I was just thinking warm, like a coat. What do you all use for very little coats? I am glad my baby will have some meat on his/her bones before the chill sets in. I can see myself starting the car, warming it up, bring baby out in a coat, or maybe just a blanket but i think a little coat is safer , not as sloppy, then getting in warm car and taking off coat to go in carseat and putting on again to go out. I will try to stay home more or leave baby home though. Its just so cold here now, my mind is on winter. I wonder how much body heat i will feel if baby and me both have on down coats next to each other..same wonder for hot summer but sweaty. Oh i just have so many questions..
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And it is 100 new,...i want it!
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My first was born in December, and he spent a lot of our time going out in something like this: http://www.carters.com/null/Out-N-About-Sherpa-Pram/714442754369,default,pd.html?start= or this: http://www.chelseabee.co.nz/Store/merino-wool-hat (the link name is wrong, it's a wool/cotton sleeping bag with seat-belt slot if you think baby will be too cold in the car or stroller)


I was actually a little sad when he out grew them, they're so darn cute! Depending on sizing of the snowsuit and baby, it could fit an 18 month old. I have a lot of REI brand clothes for my son that run big - he's 2 and still fitting his 18mo down jacket I bought big for him last year, granted it is getting small. I will add, I can see zipping my 5 - 8 month old in a snowsuit and bringing him/her outside to watch big brother & the dog play. We spend a lot of time outside and I know it would be endlessly frustrating to #1 to have to stay inside just because of the baby.


If you plan on baby-wearing, keep in mind that you don't want to bundle baby up too much as you'll be acting as their heater. I found ds kept plenty warm on our walks in the Moby with a sweatshirt-like layer, hat, and my (husband's) coat zipped over us. He also runs warm, so less layers were better than more for him, even when he was itty-bitty.

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I am in the 'no fluffy coat' crowd of thought, and even keep the coats off children under 2 in the carseats.  I have a friend that makes something called a 'carseat poncho' and it still keeps baby warm and covered, but with no fluff at all between the child and the carseat straps.  It looks a lot like a blanket that fits over the bucket carseats but with a head hole with cute hat attached.


Now having said that, I totally can read what you are saying in your messages.  You are a pregnant Momma looking for all things comforting and warming for your baby.  Big fluffy natural fibers just sound fabulous!   One of the drawbacks of too big and fluffy though is that it can be hard to hold/find your baby in all that fluff so that you carry them well or support them well.  We went on a boat ride one summer and I was required to put my baby in a big life preserver inorder to ride the boat.  It was so akward that I didn't know how to really hold the baby and it kept the baby at an akward distance from my chest.  I would not have been able to nurse the baby unless I was overtop of him.   Of course a big fluffy suit for winter is different from a life preserver.... but it is a visual for you.


I usually look for the wool coats each year for my kids at target and old navy.  They are not necessarily 100% wool but they are very thin for carseat wear and ease of use in them helping get their carseat straps on too   I spend a lot of time on finding the hats that cover their ears.... I love love love those hats!

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