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Hi there!

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I'm new here and, although my partners and I (triad) don't have any children yet, we are in the process of beginning our journey into parenthood. Although it may not be as exciting as being pregnant, I need to talk to people who have experience (mainly with the pregnancy and birth) but could also provide advice on dealing with a child's medical "problems". My partner that is donating the sperm has marfans and there's a 50% chance our child could also have it. Hope to meet many new friends on this forum! xx

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Have you considered using another sperm donor?

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We thought about it but came to the conclusion that using someone else's sperm could be just as risky for something else uncommon. At least with Marfan's, we are pretty well educated. Because of the way we will be going about this, we also have the option of possibly picking a "healthy" sperm.

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Welcome to MDC!  You might find some information in the Special Needs Parenting forum

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