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My various health care support team have been a little bit fussed over an early arrival but since we managed to shift the baby up a little and things are now looking a little more normal for 31 weeks everyone has chilled a bit. I'm still a little anxious and am trying to get lots done over the holidays with my DH home during the days. My EDD is feb 25th so who knows. I could still end up twiddling my thumbs for 9 weeks.
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I know how you ladies feel.  Our doctor told us to aim for January 18th which is the 35 week mark for the twins.... we've had a complicated pregnancy, so he says if we can make it that far he'll be happy!. 

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I really flip flop between being scared to death the twins will come early and being scared to death I'm going to be waddling around with a belly the size of a yoga ball for another 9 or 10 weeks.  My 38 week date is Feb. 9th, and if I have to make a prediction, I really think it will be between then and 39 weeks.  But we're going to start humping like bunnies at 37 weeks and see if we can't get things moving winky.gif

Mothering › Groups › February 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › SO soon....