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holistic dentists recmdtns

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Hi, does anyone know any holistic dentists in PA area? Thanks!

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Hi fayth2012, I'm not sure where you are in PA, but I'm in Central PA, near York.  We drive about 1.5 hours east to King of Prussia to see Dr. Hollander with Rose and Hollander Dental Associates.  My son has ECC and was diagnosed at the age of 14 months (he's now 23 months).  At the time he had 4 cavities.  We initially saw Dr. Hollander at the beginning of April, and he did an ozone treatment.  Dr. Hollander has a wonderful bedside manner, and I can't say enough good things about him.  He let me hold my son on his lap while he did the ozone treatment, which was not painful at all.  We've been seeing him every three months since then and have had to do a few more ozone treatments, but so far my son's decay has stabilized and he has not needed any fillings or other invasive therapies.  All but one of his cavities has remineralized (we are using xylitol and MI Paste in addition to the ozone treatments).  I would totally recommended Dr. Hollander if you are able to get out to King of Prussia.  Hope that helps!

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Ok, will have to check him out, thank you. Do you make your own toothpaste? I don't trust using regular toothpaste for my baby, so I'm thinking of making my own out of coconut oil, baking soda and xylitol. Haven't figured out how to keep it from freezing solid when it's cold out, but I have some time!

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I don't make my own toothpaste, but we have a three step process we use with my son twice a day.  I take about a teaspoon of granular xylitol and dissolve it in about 1/8 cup of water.  I brush his teeth with this mixture.  Then I take a teensy bit of Squigle toothpaste that we got from Dr. Hollander.  Squigle has xylitol in it, but it also has fluoride, so I only use a little bit topically.  After brushing with the Squigle, I put a little bit of bubblegum ACT on the toothbrush and brush it on his teeth.  Again, I only use a little bit because it has fluoride in it.  Then we just avoid giving him anything to eat or drink for about 30 minutes afterwards. After most meals I also try to give him a little bit of xylitol.  How old is your baby?  Are you also having problems with tooth decay?  I think that if there is no decay it is probably okay to just use a little xylitol on the teeth.  I hope you are able to get in to see Dr. Hollander.  When I called in a panic after my son was diagnosed with ECC and we were told (by another dentist) he would need several fillings, I immediately went to the internet and found Dr. Hollander.  I called and they were able to get me in for an appointment in about 1.5 weeks.  Btw. Dr. Hollander is also very supportive of extended breastfeeding.  At 23 months, my soon still does quite a bit of nursing for naps, at night and when he's scared.  After the treatments, Dr. Hollander was very understanding about giving me some time and privacy to breastfeed.

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My baby is old 11 months old. She has two teeth on top and two on the bottom coming in. She definitely teethes a lot! She has an amber teething necklace, which doesn't really do much, in my opinion. I am searching for a holistic dentist, so she has one to go to in the near future. Is the dentist costly? We are on a budget. 

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Yes, the dentist is very expensive, we spent about $2000 out of pocket this year on dental expenses, none of which was covered by our insurance.  However, we had to have a lot of treatments since our son already had pretty active decay going on.  It would have been even more expensive through a traditional dentist though, who wanted to do baby root canals and fillings under general anesthesia.  It sounds like your daughter is still getting her teeth in and doesn't have any decay.  I'd recommend seeing Dr. Hollander for a "check up", which will probably run between $60-80, but if she's got no problems with her teeth, there shouldn't be any other expenses.  With the experience I've had with my son, I'd say that now is the perfect time to get into a good dental hygiene with your daughter.  I would start exposing her to xylitol at least five times per day.  I've read some of the literature on xylitol, and it looks like having lots of little exposures throughout the day is important to getting rid of any decay causing bacteria in the child's mouth.  You can take some granular xylitol and dissolve it in water and use it to brush her teeth after each meal.  I also dissolve some xylitol in filtered water and put it in my son's sippy cup for him to drink throughout the day.  He calls it his special "tea".  What happened with me was that during pregnancy my teeth got really bad, and I think I passed the bad bacteria on to my son.  I saw on another thread that you are also having some dental issues.  If that is still the case I'd recommend also taking xylitol several times a day.  I rinse with it in the morning and at night and also sip it in my water bottle throughout the day--so does my husband. It has been a long road for us trying to heal from all of the dental problems in our family this past year.  Hopefully you'll have an easier time.  

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I have regular xylitol from viacost.com. Would that work? I use it instead of sugar when I bake - I didn't know you could just mix it with water, and drink it straight up!  Personally, I currently alternate between using a natural, fluoride free toothpaste and a mix of baking soda and coconut oil. I rinse with water or salt water, and use a natural mouth wash as well. My teeth got bad during pregnancy. I'm scheduled to get a cleaning in a few weeks, so hopefully, they aren't as bad as I think! My baby already has some pretty strong/sharp teeth comin in already, lol. Hopefully, her teeth will be ok. She is still mainly breastfed. Sometimes we give her fruit or veggies. She still nurse during night, though, so should I still brush her teeth before bed? Was your son breastfed?  Thanks for all the great info:)

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My teeth got really bad during pregnancy too--I think from all of the hormones.  I started using the xylitol everyday after my son was diagnosed with tooth decay, and have noticed much improvement in my teeth over time.  It takes about 6 months of regular xylitol use to completely clean your mouth of all the bad bacteria.  I also use Dr. Ellie's regimen of rinses (Closys, toothpaste, listerine, and ACT) twice a day and my mouth has gotten MUCH better on this.  She has a blog you can google, which is great.  I also read her book "Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye".  I wouldn't recommend the baking soda, because I think it can cause gum recession.  In terms of the xylitol, I think it's best to use it alone after meals so that it can sit on your teeth.  I have the same kind that you do, the little granules.  It's really easy to just dissolve some in water and swish it after meals so that it can clean out your mouth and sit on your teeth.  I have totally noticed a difference in terms of less plaque build up in doing this.  My gums are also in much better shape.  I might start cutting back on going to the dentist for regular cleanings since my teeth feel so good now. I think since your daughter doesn't have any active decay, I might just start giving her some xylitol a few times a day. You can wet a spoon and let her lick some of the granules off.  It takes time for the xylitol to work, so if you give it to her now, her mouth will be clean of bacteria as her new teeth come in.  I try to give my son 3-5 exposures to xylitol a day.  At your daughter's age, my son was taking mostly breastmilk and occasionally trying solid food.  Now he eats a ton of table food, but he still breastfeeds through the night, and I brush his teeth right before bed, but not after the night nursings.  However, he's 23 months, and I don't think I'm making a ton of milk anymore, so he's probably not getting that much during the night that's going to cause harm to his teeth.  

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How much xylitol do you mix with the water? And how many glasses do you have per day? I'm trying to drink more water, and eat less sugar, in hopes of helping my teeth. I checked out the dentist's website, which seemed to be pretty interesting. 

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I am a little leery of drinking xylitol and water, as it is still considered a "sugar substitute". Do you know if there  are any known negative consequences to adding it to drinking water? Thanks again:)

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I just got done seeing Dr. Gruby in Scranton.  She was fantastic and ended up saving my tooth. 

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I know what you mean about trying to minimize sweets in general. It helps me to think of and use xylitol more as a supplement. I probably eat the equivalent of 2 teaspoons per day, spaced throughout the day. I use maybe 1/4 teaspoon in water. The rest I just try to swish in my mouth after meals. Good luck to you mama, let me know how things turn out!
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You might want to visit the dental health forum too.


I'm in SE PA so I don't think you'd want to travel to Paoli.  On the off chance you do and/or another person is looking, Dr. John Roeder is awesome.  He's helped me halt my gum recession.  My dd had a cavity that her regular dentist said needed to be drilled.  Dr. Roeder uses ozone which we used & halted the cavity w/o filling.  


My one son uses xylitol to brush w/ (diluted in water), my dd uses it to help her take her probiotic and I use it sparingly in recipes.  It can effect your bowels at larger amounts and I think it's different in each person so if you start to notice loose stools, you may be getting too much.  My ds1 came up w/ a cake recipe that had three tablespoons in it (not a very large cake but not very much xylitol compared to sugar) and he had diarrhea.  We've cut back on it & his stools are getting better.


Xylitol originally came from birch trees.  A lot of it today comes from corn.  Because corn allergies are really difficutl to deal w/, if you are going to be using it multiple times a day on yourself & a child, I'd suggest you get it from birch.  If you google it, you'll come up w/ some.  PM if you'd like to know the company I use.  Oh, and if it's from corn & not organic, it's probably GMO.


While I haven't researched it since my children have only had one issue between the three of them (knock on wood), the health of your teeth is related to the health of the rest of your body.  My children have lots of food allergies & it seems that dental issues often occur along w/ food allergies.  I'm not saying if you have one, you have or will have the other.  I'm saying that lack of gut health effects many other bodily systems & areas.  It is a huge can of worms but I wanted to mention it because it's something I wish I'd known more about when I had my first child & before I'd had more.  My body has been messed up for years but most of it was considered normal stuff so I didn't know.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Feel free to PM me if you have questions.


Best wishes,


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