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Frequent, rythmic BH and cervical change

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I've had BH a ton already. Yesterday they were rythmic, 3-5 min apart and intense for a couple hours. Today i checked myself and I'm 1-2 cm dilated and soft/stretchy. Is that normal for 28 weeks with baby #3?
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I don't think it's unusual to have regular BH contractions especially for a 3rd pregnancy, but did you try some thing to see if they stopped? For example, if you were to take a bath to relax, do they continue? 

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They stopped when I laid down with my youngest..
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With DD1, I walked around at 2-3 for a month before she came...maybe longer, as Dr. started cervical checks at 37 weeks and I was already 2 cm at that time.  


This time I am noticing stronger, more frequent BH in the past few days... I haven't checked my cervix, but they go away when I S.L.O.W. down and hydrate myself.

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Funny timing...a few days ago I posted in the pregnancy forum asking if it was common forBH to be stronger the second time around. It seems it is. I've had a few very strong ones that had me have to stop what I was doing and take a deep breath. I guess it's good practice for labor!
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EVERY single time I come home from work, I have rather strong BH.  Its a reminder that I pushed myself a little too hard... when I get home and lay on my left side, take some deep breaths, and hydrate myself, they always go away.  This is also my third baby and I find the BH are much stronger than with the other kids (I didn't have any at all with baby #1).  


My cervix is also soft.  After a birth or two, it will never be completely "closed."  Keep in mind that there is an external and internal OS to the cervix and even if the outer os is slightly open, the internal os should be closed tight.  If you lose a lot of mucous or have other strange discharge (bleeding, etc) please call your healthcare provider.  As soon as you begin contracting, lay down on your left side and drink tons of water.  If you have rhythmic ctx for an hour and they don't stop when you rest and hydrate, I would definitely call your provider.  


Don't be anxious, but also... don't take chances with preterm labor!  :)

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Thanks everyone! I'm gonna text my midwife this morning. They are still sporadic and mostly happen in the evening (when I'm tired I guess?) but more of them feel like real contractions. With my youngest I was having contractions starting around 2 pm, hard labor hit 6 hours later and he was born 4 hours after that. Some of my BH are stronger/more painful than the contractions I was having at 2 pm with my baby!

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