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Intro - and OMG, the GAS!

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Hi everyone!  I'm Emily.  Ballpark something like 6 weeks pregnant with #2.  I wasn't tracking my cycle this time, so I can only guess due around Aug 1, maybe a little sooner.


I haven't had what you'd call morning sickness, aka nausea at all. But the GAS!  Omigosh, it's awful.  Stomach gas, which sometimes works its way through to the other end. But mostly upper digestive.  It's like I've had a dozen cans of soda, and no matter how many times I burp, it doesn't go away. It's really uncomfortable, almost to the point of nausea, as I just don't feel like eating anything.  Anybody else? 


What can I take?  Alka-selzter has always been my go-to and most effective, but google tells me no.  I tried a simethicone anti-gas pill and it's worthless. Doesn't even touch this.



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Hi there.  If your due August 1st or before your more like 9 weeks.  smile.gif  I'm due Aug. 2nd and 9 weeks on Friday.


I've been drinking sparkling water when I'm really gassy and it seems to help dispel it at least a little.  Which means it gets worse before it gets better, but it seems to help

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Well.. yes. I guess according to the convention way, I am 9 weeks.  That's never made sense to me, and I usually calculate from conception.  Dr. Sears explains this in his pregnancy book. But, I guess for the sake of clarity and clear communication with health care providers I should stick with their way of doing it. Even though I think it's ridiculous! :)


Anyway, thanks for replying!  I've done some sparkling water and some ginger ale, which I try to avoid because of all the sugar. It seems like the gas is decreasing a LITTLE, but it's still constant.  Such a bummer, because tonight we're having Christmas dinner, and I don't feel like eating anything!

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Maybe some activities to encourage internal movement might help? Yoga?
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