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Are any of these places near Chicago?
Home Birth & Women's Health
400 E. 22nd St. Suite F
Lombard, IL 60148
Naturopathic Midwifery for Woman
38W103 Kristin Drive
Elgin, IL 60123

HomeBorn Health, Inc.
5120 Rotary Road
Cherry Valley, IL 61016

I dont know, I could just look by State.......these websites might have some info for you also:

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I just wanted to thank you all again for your suggestions, as they've given me hope!

I also happened to find that the university I've been attending off/on offers insurance very cheaply ($218 per semester!) that automatically covers maternity . . .something to look into, along with all the other helpful ideas you've given me!

Thank you again!
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I just wanted to THANK YOU so much again, ladies! I have found a nearby hospital that has a set rate for people without insurance . . .I'll be working with a group of 5 midwives in a birthing center within the hospital. That way both DH and I will get our way (though he still wants a doctor . . .but he's giving in). The expense is about the same as separate maternity coverage. Not cheap, but not out of the question, either, especially since it will (hopefully!) result in a BABY!
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The hospital heres have set fees for prenatal care, prenatal lab work, ultrasounds and vaginal delivery. everything else is many dollars more. My midwife was kind enough to remove everything out of my room that was not included in the package rate and even offered to go to wal-mart and get me stuff if I needed it. Unfortunately things got crazy and out bill ended up totallying $25000 for misc. specialist, NICU care, all sorts of medication (ones I ddn't take even but hey they got them ready . . . ) Insane stuff. MAdeline is 7 1/2 and we still pay ovcer $300 a month for it. intrest was 1% incurring omnthly. we weren't even paying off the intrest each month so every month our bill went up by $100. That is what happens to the uninsured It was insane.

Our last baby was unisured until a month before the birth. thankfully they covered everything. she was boirn in Dec, we hit our deductable a day after benifits started (infection that loooked a lot like preterm labor) and they were gracious enough to extend that deductable period through the next year (so that we didn't have to start over again right after meeting it. Baby was due Dec 25 It had the potential to end up costing more thanpaying out of pocket). It is crazy stuff this incurance stuff. I can't imagine insurance not covering preganacy though. that is why we have insurance. we dropped it after our policy ended. It was almost $1000 a month. crazy stuff.
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