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My 16 month old who has had no vaccines at all, contracted a confirmed case of the flu.  She obviously felt really bad and had a fever the first day, just wanted to lay on me all day.  We did a few doses of ibuprofen for her body aches, her fever broke that night and although she still has a runny nose and a little cough, she has been recovering wonderfully.  This is the first time she has ever been sick EVER!!!  I was not freaking out about her having the flu but the doctor and the office staff acted like she was going to die cause she had flu and was that young at the office visit, ugh.   

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That is just crazy.  My DD2 had the flu at 3 months and while it was a little scary for us, she was not in danger and the Doc office was not worried.


Sorry your doc is trying to use scare tactics.  Maybe look for another doc with experience with non-vaccinated kids?

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So many doctors see everything as an emergency. they are so fearful of losing their license that they lost their common sense.


Just FYI, whenever I get the flu, I use oscillococcinum, its entirely safe and homeopathic. They have some available for children, too. Probably safer than Ibuprofen.

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We do the oscillococcinum too.  DD was only vaxed til 4mos and we stopped - had one cold at 4mos (DH looked like he was on his death bed for 2wks, but DD and I kicked it in less than a wk), and we both started to sniffle last night (she''s 13mos now), so while it was a rough night with her waking up every hour to nurse, it got me up long enough to pop vit c all night long and get some into her as well.  Also remembered I had a bottle of elderberry in the closet so started that this am and we've been sipping lemon honey water.  Last week we were at the pedi for her well baby and while I didn't get any slack for refusing the vaxxes (although she made sure to point out that she's elligible now for MMR and chicken pox, uh no thank you!), the ped did go into a bit of a tangent about how horrible the flu is and if I want to change my mind I can vax her for that at any time.  Really?  Of all the things out there you think I would cave for a flu shot?  Pretty sure thats where we picked up this cold in the first place :-P

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