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breastfeeding with larger breasts

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Hello ladies,

FTM here at 36 weeks pregnant. Concerned about breastfeeding with larger breasts-- I'm a H cup now, who knows what it'll be later.  Do any large breasted mamas have any advice or tips on positioning/nursing aides? And on where to find nursing bras! I can barely find nursing bras other than online elomi with underwire (which are pretty expensive),,.  The kind of bras the squish your boobs together are very unhygienic for larger breasts-- at least for me! 


Thanks in advance.

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I'm a similar size and find that side lying works well.  A lot of the time when my babies were very small I would hold my breast to help them out, but next time I would do more laid back breastfeeding instead.

http://www.llli.org/faq/positioning.html  this page shows the positions well. When I was first learning I mostly did the cradle, but with my second and third I did less of that, and when they get bigger it gets easier and easier.

As for bras, it will depend a bit on your breast type and specific size.  For me, foam cups don't really work, which limits my options even further than size already does. Bella Materna makes some bras and lounge tops up to an I.  The Bravado Sublime bra goes up to a J/K and I have a couple of Freya nursing bras which go up to HH.  I like goddess bras, and I haven't actually tried their nursing bra but I would if a local store had them!  herroom.com has a pretty good selection.

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thank you, that was very helpful! 

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I am a G/H cup and have nursed 3 babies.  For me, position wasn't as important as having a good nursing pillow and a comfortable place to nurse.  My first were twins so I almost solely nursed them in the football hold.  My third I did either cradle or cross cradle. One of my tricks early on was to roll up a hand towel and place it under my breast to prop it up a bit and make the nipple a little more accessible for the baby to latch on to.  I used a twin pillow with my first but with the third I used a Gia pillow by Simplisse.  So much better than a boppy!  It fit around me even though I am "fluffy" and positioned the baby perfectly.  The other important factor is a comfy chair or couch. You don't want to be too reclined.  You want to be able to sit straight up with your feet on the ground or on a stool so you have a level lap and you are not hunching over baby. With the extra weight of your breasts once filled with milk it will kill your back if you hunch over!!!  I had the best luck with nursing bras from an online boutique I found.  She does "virtual bra fittings" where you send her your measurements and what you are looking for and she gives you a list of bras she recommends.  I have bought several from her and have all been a perfect fit!  Her info is:
     Judy P. Masucci, Ph.D.


     A Mother's Boutique, LLC


You can also contact her through her Facebook or twitter

Hope this helps!
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I'm a G/H and nursing made me a little but not much larger. I honestly gave up on nursing bras pretty early and live in sportsbras. Not the most flattering silhouette but cheap and easy in/out. I second pp about a comfy chair and a good nursing pillow in the early weeks. I also like side lying although I can't sleep through nursing. My hands down favourite position once baby is older is to have her in my lap facing me while sitting up. I honestly think you need to experiment and find what works for you. I've had lots of false starts and really didn't get the hang of side lying until a few weeks ago (DD is 21 months). Congratulations and good luck!
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There is a chain called Intimacy. They carry the larger cups. They also do alterations. I need supportive bras and am not only a H-J cup depending but went down to a 31 inch band this time. The bras are costly but I pay the same when not nursing (-$8 alteration fee) and they last a long time. There might be one near you.
Or if you sew, all they do is cut the bra strap and sew a hook and loop, just like the ones on the back of the bra, to the strap.
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I have a short torso, so nursing pillows weren't helpful for me.  My lap is the pillow.  


Really big boobs mean that the baby's head might rest on your wrist instead of the crook of your arm.  Don't worry, the numbness eventually goes away.  winky.gif


Rolled up prefolds/washcloths under the breast help with support while nursing.  Bonus--they soak up boobsweat and milk drips.  I tried one of the udder wedge support/pillow things, but preferred rolled cloth.


Sidelying was a godsend.


Time.  Eventually your baby isn't quite so small and can help wrangle your giant boobs.  Really.  


It's tempting to try to control your baby if you have unruly breasts.  Watch your positioning.  I didn't realize I kept touching my son's head (top of it) while bringing him to breast.  So he kept reflexively arching away, which upset him quite a bit.  Once I realized I was triggering that reflex (it's a birthing reflex for them), I stopped touching his head or letting it touch the armrest of the couch and he was much happier.  

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I have large breasts as well and was very nervous nursing at first.It sounds very strange but the lactation consultant at the hospital told me to gently squeeze down on my breast "like you squeeze down on a sandwhich to take a bite". The analogy really helped me to be less nervous and realize I just may have to help baby out a bit :) Best of luck! I also avoid nursing bras when I can (staying home etc) and wear nursing tanks- much more comfortable for me!

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