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I have 2.5 yo ds1 and 4mo ds2. Since baby brother came I've been having problems with ds1 "spitting up". He sees his brother spitting up and so he is spitting all the time. At first I was trying to ignore it because he wasn't very effective and mostly just getting it on his shirt. But now he has been practicing and can now spit on various surfaces which is just not ok with me. We don't do time out, I try to spend a lot of "time in" with him, I try to do natural consequences but I can't come up with one for this. Any suggestions for how to deal with this gross behavior?
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I don't know if this is an approved gentle discipline technique, but I'll tell you what I did when I had the same problem with one of my dds. I think she was the same age at the time. I told her that if she wanted to spit, that was fine but she had to do it in the bathroom sink. When she spit, I directed her to the bathroom and told her to do it there. After several times, the joy of spitting went away. It's just not as fun when you have no one to watch! Lol.

Also, I think I let her spit outside. I can't remember details there... It was 8 years ago!
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