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oil pulling

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Has oil pulling with coconut oil worked for anyone?

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Good morning,


I tried oil pulling with various oils and found that it was not as effective as claimed. The general rule that I learned through ayurveda is that high polyunsaturated oils are most recommended. Sesame oil is one of the most recommended oils. Thus, coconut oil is the opposite sort of oil for this purpose being almost entirely saturated fat.


What worked for me in terms of dental care is to switch to a very low carb diet rich in animal fat. Like most people, I think, I used to have typical plaque that required frequent tooth brushing and occasional dental cleanings when I was eating a typical diet; it was worse when I was eating a plant-based low-fat diet. In fact, during that time I lost so much enamel I had to have a dental procedure to repair some teeth.


This dental problem was one of the reasons I started eating low carb high fat. Weston Price's work on dental health was one of the first resources I turned to.


Now I actually have not been to a dentist in about 5 years and have no plaque. I stopped going because in 2 consecutive years there was literally nothing to clean and the dentist merely looked at my teeth and poked a few times before sending me home (and he seemed quite annoyed about it!)


Healthy saliva is the best dental cleaner there is. My experience confirms Weston Price's findings.


You asked about toothpaste formulas in another thread. I recommend edible clay. There are many different types of edible clay; any of them are excellent for tooth brushing. They have no unpleasant flavors and all have superior cleaning and detoxifying properties.


Two things you will notice if you use clay for brushing: toothpaste is extremely sweet, and there is no point in trying to replicate that; also, nearly all toothpastes, including natural ones, contain glycerine, which coats that teeth in a hard shell that prevents the enamel from being cleaned by saliva and infused with minerals that strengthen it.


I believe the best approach for children is to educate them as to why toothpaste is not used and encourage them to adapt their expectations away from enhanced flavorings and textures. Preferences like this are learned and can be unlearned.



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I am also interested in oil pulling does anyone have any advice?

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I finally tried oil pulling last night, using organic expeller pressed sesame oil. I pulled for 15 minutes. Afterward, I was amazed at the amount of energy I had, as well as mental clarity. I don't know about you, but at the end of a busy Sunday, with a toddler, 10 year old, and husband, there is not much mental clarity left!


Everything I've read suggests pulling first thing in the morning, or on an empty stomach. I will try this on a regular basis and report back. One side effect I should mention, and I found this was a common one--I noticed a feeling in my amalgams. It was not quite a pain, but more like a dull, pronounced feeling in the nerve. Some sites suggest you should not oil pull if you have amalgams, but I also read testimonials of people with amalgams who oil pull.


 I will try this faithfully for the next week, and I'll let you know how it goes, whatever the results may be!

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