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Managing two children

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Hi all! I have an almost 3 year old DD, and a 3 week old DS. Less than a week after being home, I was in the NICU with my baby who was diagnosed with RSV. It's safe to assume he caught it from my daughter, who's in daycare, and had cold symptoms when we came home. Now she's sick again, with something that appears to be worse than the common cold, fever and all.
My question is how can I (or can I ) quarantine my DD from the baby? My husband is trying to step in, but there is no love like mommy's love, so she wants to be underneath me. I'm BF and the baby cries and screams when he's put down. I don't want to create jealousy issues, but I don't want a sick baby again either. HELP!
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I use one of the antibacgterial germicide gels when I pick my DD up from preschool and then make her wash her hands as soon as we get home. She knows she can't touch the baby until she does. But other than that, I'm not sure there is a whole lot you can do. Teach your 3 yr old not to touch the baby's face or hands (since they go in the mouth). I'm sorry you've had to deal with so much already! My 3 month old has already had a stuffy nose twice from her big sister - though thankfully nothing too bad. Also, if it is really really bad, you could always consider not sending your older child to school until baby is bigger or it is no longer cold/flu season.



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If you "expose" yourself to your three year old's germs, you will have antibodies in your milk to protect your baby from those specific germs, which would be great. So before you do any handwashing or de-bugging, cuddle up with your three year old.

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yes, cuddle and nurse everybody! you can pump milk for the 3yr old. it might help her get better.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I have been the handwashing czar. This time everyone but the baby is sick, knock on wood. I think breastmilk antibodies are amazing. I've thought about giving my DD breastmilk, it couldn't hurt so I'll give it a try.
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