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12/23 Weekly Thread

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Hi mamas! I thought I would start the weekly thread this week!

So, how about a roll call? I am having a hard time keeping up with who is still waiting to have their babies!

How are the postpartum mamas doing? It has been slow around here so imagine it is because one handed typing is difficult! thumb.gif


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the December mamas...those holding babies and those about to be. I am anxious to see how many 12/25 babies we get. orngbiggrin.gif

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I have my baby!  We are 2 weeks today, and doing well mostly.  Today I'm thinking we're a little bit yeasty - need to up the probiotics, reduce the sugar, and try not to get a full fledged case of thrush.  DD2 is a pretty chill baby so far, which is lovely.  I'm definitely . . . processing stuff emotionally, although not about the birth, which was pretty easy & great.  DH & I have been doing OK but I think we are both feeling a lot of money stress, especially with Christmas . . . my 8, 6 & 3 year olds are doing fine.


Happy holidays to everybody, whatever you celebrate! 

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Still pregnant here, will be 40w tomorrow :)

I'm not very good at this hurry up and wait thing I've got going on. Everything is done, so now it is just daily house upkeep until labor starts..

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Here! Technically 39 weeks today, though I think I'm more like 39+5ish (based on ovulation, rather than lmp)! That said, I'm in no rush (knock on wood) to have the baby w/in the next few days - we celebrate Christmas, and my five year old is quite excited for Santa's arrival tmr night and the festivities that follow. To add to that, he has seemingly caught the gi virus that is circulating around here - one puke this morning and generally feeling tired and unwell this afternoon. I did my best to avoid anyone & anywhere with known causes, but he's in preschool, so you never know what's percolating there - sigh. I'm very much hoping that DH & I avoid it, and that DS's case remains mild and is a true 24 hour bug....


I'm loving seeing and hearing about all of the new babies - looking fwd to adding my story soon (but not too soon, universe)!

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Thanks tropicana!


I'm still here;)  I'm 38 weeks and expecting to go to 41 still, so...


Tired out a lot, but other than that I'm doing great.  I'm also happy to keep having time to get stuff done before the birth - finished up the last couple receiving blankets today and finally almost have baby quilt done.  Ordered the blue/black cohosh tincture and rescue remedy and sitz basin and baby snowsuit - which were pretty much the last "necessities" on my list.  Not I just need to keep cleaning and painting the house for as many days as we have left.  I'm also thinking of opening up my dress shop for a few days before new years...

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Subbing. Would write more, but I'm in the van for a trip across the state and reading on my phone is making me get a headache and nauseous.
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I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and would like to gestate until at least the 30th.


Any tips for keeping the baby in besides taking it easy, not having sex, and not taking RRL? I'm in a bit of a tough spot because I actually feel good enough for light exercise. I did my 3rd tri DVD Thursday and went for a short walk today. I'd love to do more, but I don't want to get things started.


I got a stomachache last night and DH was like, Is this happening? I said there would be another symptom before we should start getting ready, and it slowly got better. All I wanted to do all night on my pee trips was go to the kitchen and drink milk. I felt so much better when I woke up this morning.

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I'm still waiting, but at 39w1day. I had a LOT of pre-labor, but found a routine that worked to calm things down (for me). Before I go to bed, I take a warmish bath with 2 cups of epsom salts, ~7-10 drops lavender oil & 3-5 drops lemon oil. After relaxing in the bath, I drink some chamomile or sleepytime tea and feel so sleepy and refreshed. Calmed things right down and I'll do it every day until after Christmas. :D I'm feeling all snuggly and wanting to enjoy the time with my older boys before baby is born. Plus the housework, but I'm trying not to walk around and wear myself out. This has been the most exhausting pregnancy, but it's worth it. :)
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Thanks Tropicana for getting us started.  I'm here with baby True who is 3 weeks old (already!) 

We're doing the avoid the thrush thing as well and upped the probiotics today.  I'm going to pick up some kombucha tomorrow.  Too bad I can't get my hands on any good kim chee.  I love the stuff and they say foods containing pre and pro biotics are best.

Otherwise, we're not getting very long sleep stretches yet but I know they'll come with time.  I'm just loving on this baby as he's my last.  Although my FIL did say tonight that we should have two more!  If he's paying...:)  But this baby is such a piece of cake compared to DD2 (horrific acid reflux) that we are much more relaxed and have managed to keep our senses of humor.  DH and I hit a bit of a tense patch with some money stress and tripping over each other for a couple of days but it is resolved now.

I'm loving keeping up with you all with new babes and those still baking.  This journey together is a powerful experience.

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39 weeks and 5 days here! I'd like to keep this little one on  the inside until after Christmas (especially now that they are predicting snow!) but I am drinking RRL tea and walking a lot. I figure, if it's going to happen those things won't speed it up and there's really nothing I can do to inhibit it. I don't feel like she's coming anytime soon - I just haven't hit that I'm-so-done point at all.


It's so fun to hear about babies already being 3 weeks old!

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Hi mummas!
One handed typing here! At 2:30 am to boot lol!
MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! To all celebrating!! It's officially Christmas Day here in Oz smile.gif
Winnie is 20 days old and still a very calm bub, which is nice smile.gif lol! We are getting to know each other and settling in as a family. Only 3 days after her birth I ended up in hospital with gall bladder pain. They gave me abx via drip for two days and wasn't allowed to eat. Then discharged me. Well it came back. Long story short they had to operate. Not a fun start and it destroyed our babymoon which I'm still grieving. So it's nice to be home withnDH and rest and nap.
DH and I are going really well! Which I'm so pleased about smile.gif
Am still healing physically and emotionally from the birth, the stint in hospital didn't help as they didn't approve of our "parenting style" (co sleeping, BF on demand, baby wearing) and they wanted me up and walking etc while I just wanted to rest with my legs together!
I'm getting closer and closer to writing it all down tho! So I think that may help.
Not much else smile.gif
Thinking of all you mummas ALOT! Esp those still baking! I honestly thought I would still be preg by now, so I am feeling for you even if I'm not with you! Promise!
Big smooshy hugs and kisses from bub and i to everyone!
Love xxx
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Travelmumma, so glad to hear you're on the mend after such an ordeal. Have you been able to relactate?

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11 days old over here - my tailbone still hurts (posterior birth), but generally everything here is going well. I do have some concerns about Talysen's head - he has two large 'lumps' on the back left & right - they haven't changed much since birth, and some times they are bigger/worse than they were at birth. His typical baby cone head has gone, but these two big lumps remain. He has had 2 cranial sessions already, and still no real change.... Considering taking him to a ped after Christmas, if I can find one with office hours! Would obviously like to avoid the ER for so many reasons, but I'm starting to get a bit worried. Everything else seems to be fine - he is really alert when awake, eats & sleeps well, etc. But these things swell up a lot and get pretty 'tight' and I am worried about them putting pressure on his brain or something....


I'm happy to have had him early enough that I can do Christmas tomorrow without worrying about doing too much. We took pics with Santa yesterday - I'll post one later when I am on a regular computer. I have seen the same santa every year for 12 years with the kids, he's a real deal Santa with the real beard, etc... and a total sweetheart :)

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Phone typing here. smile.gif Charlie is 12 days old today and nursing like a champ. One of my nicknames for him is "little piglet" because of the grunting/snorting noises he makes when he's ready to eat. He still has a little jaundice but looks better every day. I am so in love with him and still can't believe he's ours (it took us over two years to get here). DH has been great, but got unexpectedly scheduled to work the past few days and it's been rough on him. He just wants to spend time with us but has had to work a ton.

Healing well, stitches are gone and I'm up to running an errand or two during the day still lots of couch/bed nursing time though. smile.gif

Excited for all you mamas still in waiting, looking forward to seeing when the birth days fall!
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Chica - I lOVE those little grunts!!!! Enjoy this time, they grow so fast!


Just found out my brother & SIL are having TWINS. This is the 4th person I know in 1.5 years to get pregnant with twins, no family history, no fertility drugs. Crazy!

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Still in a sweet baby fog here typing 1 handed :) 

Gabe ended up being a beautiful girl named Charlotte Sage born on 12/20 after 3.5 hours of labor and 3 pushes, UC into DH's arms.

She is a nursing champ, and we are all completely smitten <3

Wishing all of you gorgeous mamas the loveliest holidays!



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Porter is 11 days old today. He's doing great gaining weight like crazy - at our MW appt on Sat - 9 days old he was 9lb 8oz, 2oz over birth weight! I'm much better the past few days. My year has healed enough that I feel comfortable doing a little bit each day - we did an outing yesterday & today. I've had my bouts of being totally emotional & overwhelmed. My nipples are still sore when nursing. Have seen a LC several times. I think this might have to be something that we just work out over time. It's discouraging at times - I just want to enjoy nursing w/o pain. Porter is such a sweet baby though - can't believe he's mine sometimes...

Happy holidays to all!
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Okay, that was kind of funny.  We went to Christmas Eve service, and had a great time.  BUT . . . I forgot to put a pad on when I got out of the shower.  I put my wrap on wrong when getting DD2 out of the car.  DD2 leaked pee through her diaper onto her clothes and onto MY clothes.  I leaked milk through three layers of clothes, too.  Oh, and I hadn't worn these pants in about a week or so and they kept falling down, so when my shirt rode up like it does when you're nursing, I was showing a lot of back and belly inadvertently.  Ha!  How many kids do I have again?!?  How many times have I done this going out with a tiny baby thing?  At least I'm able to laugh about it :-)


Lulu, I had significant nipple pain through about 12 weeks with my first.  In retrospect, I think his latch was basically just lazy - and all he wanted to do was nurse all the time - but it did take a while to figure out.  Definitely worth the discomfort, though.  It sounds like you are working hard on getting things to go well!


Darkblue, she's gorgeous.  I hope to hear more about the birth and the surprise at some point!


It snowed here, just a coating flurry, but so cool as it almost never snows at Christmas here.  And our neighbor brought a bunch of presents for my kids over which I was not at all expecting.  And my MIL/FIL's Christmas package arrived today (usually it is late!) And my mom traded us the present she had for DS2 since the one we ordered didn't arrive on time.  So I am feeling full of gratitude and holiday spirit tonight.  May it be so or similar for all of you.

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Merry Christmas, mamas! GG will be four weeks tomorrow, and she's doing great! She visited an APN recommended by my midwife today, is now 4lbs6oz, and has grown to 17.5in (16 at birth)! The APN also seems like she'll be mellow re: delayed/non-vax. My mother is also in town, and has been loving up every minute of her time with her first grandchild. smile.gif

The first few weeks have been both blissful and stressful -- some nursing issues and DH getting on my nerves, but I'm in love with my beautiful girl, and that gets me through every minute. joy.gif

Congrats, best wishes, and happy holidays to all!
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Emmagrace, what is an APN?

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