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Congratulations Kelly!  She's so pretty, and what a pretty name! 

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I had my little man, Cedar James on Dec. 17th. On the night of Dec. 16th, I had the normal contractions I had been having for over the past couple of weeks and then all of a sudden they came on really hard and strong. My husband and I left for the hospital at around 1:30ish AM and got there around 2AM...I was put into a room and at 3:15AM he was born after only one push! Baby and I are doing really well. Congratulations to all of you Mamas! 




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Still waiting for my baby girl! I am 40 weeks 5 days today, and been experiencing prodromal labor for 3 weeks now! I have been having constant BH contractions and cramping, but no progression! Really hoping she decides to debut her sweet face soon! Any other mamas go through this before their babies arrive? I have been contracting since 38 weeks. This is all new to me, as my son came quickly and easily at 38 weeks. Really trying to stay patient and tell myself the prize will be so worth it!

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I think quite a few mamas on these boards had prodromal labor this time around.  I've had a couple separate bouts of it in the past week - which has never happened to me before either.  I'm pretty content to keep on keeping pregnant, my only concern has been babe's decreased movements for hours to a day at a time whenever I have consistent contractions.  We're going in for a check up today though.  Hang in there!  

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Naomi- I had weeks and weeks of prodromal labour. Finally MW figured out that bub was in a funny position and we did some spinning babies work and she showed her sweet face the next day.
Maybe have a look on the website?
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Jackies, an APN is an Advanced Practice Nurse, which means she has an additional graduate degree above an RN. In this case, she is a Nurse Practitioner, which means she sees her own patients and can pretty much provide the same care as a pediatrician (diagnosing, writing prescriptions, giving referrals,etc.). I chose to go see her because she accepts Medicaid and my midwife said she wouldn't give us a hard time re: vaccinations (we haven't decided about vaxxing yet, but will at least be delaying).
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Baby Nora is 9 days old today. Nursing on my right side is going great! But my left is another story. I've got a strange shaped nipple that she has a harder time latching onto than my first two babies. The shape isn't round like my right- it's almost like a three-leaf-clover shape. Its resulted in a very chapped upper part of the nipple and a lower duct not working for her, just when I hand express to relieve the engorgement in it. Its very odd... just going by what I remember it being like before, I think the duct that is causing problems never actually worked for my first two. She'll finish nursing and I'll hand express and see hind milk squirting out from three places, and the clearer foremilk coming out of the problem duct. Is it possible for one duct to dry up and for the rest to still work? If so, I'm thinking that's why I never had this problem before, and I'm hoping that's what will happen this time... meanwhile, I just am glad that she's growing so well. We had a 1 week appt yesterday, and she's back up to her birthweight and up an ounce: to 8lb 1oz! AND this was after a really huge two-diaper change, and before a feeding! :) Thought I add.... I'd see a LC, but after a good discussion after I had Nora, I realized that I knew just as much as she did if not more. She was trying to say how many times I needed to nurse and how long. Kinda like she read a book and was just spouting facts and numbers. :P Anyways, I keep telling myself that Nora's only 9 days old and that it will all work itself out.


As far as the prodromal labor- I'm one of those moms who dealt with that for a few weeks! I know how frustrating it can get... what got me through was to keep finding things to do and work on deep relaxation. And crying. Crying was huge for me throughout it all. I believe that was also what helped me once I was in the most intense stage of my labor- and those relaxation techniques I had ample time to brush up on. It is so emotionally draining to go through so much over such a long period of time. By the time I got to transition, at 8 cm, I kept stalling in order for my body to rest. I'd sleep for 20 minutes, then have a half hour of 3 min apart contractions that lasted at least a minute. Then every time I'd have a good cry and let it out, things would progress some more. My dh was laughing with me a few days after Nora was born about how I had been literally growling deep in my throat like a bear. He said at the time it scared him to think how much pain I must have been in- that he was so impressed as he was losing the feeling in his arms for working on my back and pressing in my upper hips. In all though, I only had a few hours of breathe-and-growl through it pain. So I believe the prodromal did a lot of good work, even if it was very trying emotionally.


Good luck to you moms yet to meet your new babies. I'll ditto that it all was worth every minute of the waiting and anxious prodromal labor. And congratulations to the rest!

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Hi everyone!  We are 2 1/2 weeks out now and Torin and I are doing great.  My DH is back to work and I've had to navigate two separate car trips to appointments by myself, which have gone OK.  Today was my 2 week check up and I'm healing well (apparently my stomach muscles are reconnecting YAY!) and Torin is gaining like a champ - birth weight 7lbs 4oz and today he weighed in at 8lbs 6ozs!!  


Other than that, I feel like emotionally I am evening out a bit, not bursting into tears every time I look at him.  One thing that has been rough is interactions with DH's family.  My parents don't live in AK (they arrive next week) so his family is the only family that has seen Torin.  On his 5th day my MIL held him for what felt like 2 hours (I think it was actually an hour and a half but it felt longer) and I thought I was going to become unhinged.  Then at Christmas it was only when MIL and BIL held him did the cameras come out.  Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but it's like, come on people, don't you want to take a picture of the baby and his mom???  What am I, chopped liver?  The backstory is that DH's mom is very difficult and high maintenance (normally and in regards to the baby).  Since he has been born, she has made a big deal about all of the baby stuff "she" has for him, although she hasn't given us anything.  All of the stuff she has will stay at her house for when Torin visits, she says.  Gee, thanks. She also jokes how her friends tell her that she can't "steal the baby" but I think she's seriously only half joking.  Ugh.


Anyone have any advice on babywearing with a newborn?  I have a moby and an ergo with the insert, and I've tried both with some success, but I feel like he's just not THAT comfortable in either one.  I feel like his legs are squished and I worry about his neck/head being at a funny angle.  


Kel- how did your appointment go?


Sego- what is the latest on little Talysen's lumps?


travelmumma - I'm so sorry to hear about your post-baby hospital stay!  How are you doing now?  I hope it wasn't too disruptive for your bonding.


purplemama - Cedar is adorable and I love the name!  


Sending patient vibes to all of you mamas that are still waiting for your babes to arrive!!!

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Alaskanne I would not think a NBs legs ought to be squished in a tummy to tummy hold in the Moby. When I wrap dd2 the fabric is over her back and bottom and her legs are free on each side. Sometimes I tuck her feet in under the cummerbund if its especially cold. They do put their heads at funny angles but IME they don't mind at all.
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Waiting, waiting, waiting! I was fine with waiting right up until my mw did a ve and I'm only 1 cm and soft. Now I feel like she may not come out for awhile! With dd1 I was 4cm for a couple of weeks before she came at 40+6. We're 40+3 now.


Annaka- You may already do this, but I wonder if switching up positions might help empty that duct? Like switching to the football hold or side-lying during the feeding. With ds I had to move him all over the place to prevent plugged ducts.

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Well, here's my update.  Went into midwife for check up and all was well.  Went home, had sex, went to bed (more or less;)  Woke up at 4:30 am to pee and water broke, but bloody.  Frantically called the midwife - bloody amniotic fluid streaming down legs at 38 1/2 wks was scary.  She was pretty reassuring that it was fine, but came and checked on us a couple hours later.  Baby's heart rate good, accelerations good.  There was a little bit of meconium in the water, too, but not all mixed in.  Had bouts of contractions all day, some as close as 2 min apart, some 20 min apart - stronger than bh, but not what I would call painful - so basically, early labor.  But also lots of bouts of no contractions.  Started picking up around midnight last night, getting much stronger, but then I fell asleep through them!  Woke up this morning to a couple contractions, but nothing strong.  Still leaking slightly bloody fluid and it's now been over 24 hours since my water broke.  Trying to stay positive.  Have started cohosh tincture.  I usually go to 41+ weeks, so midwife and I are both wondering if maybe baby got a bit stressed (hence small amount meconium), kicked hard enough to break the water, etc - but now my body isn't sure it's ready - trying to convince it today!  Please send positive baby birth energy this way...  xo

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I haven't had time to read all of the posts for the week but just saw the last one.

Kel- thinking of you mama!! I hope things pick up for you soon so you can meet that baby!! 

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Good luck, Kel!

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Oh, Kel! That must be scary/stressful - sending you positive labor vibes to get that baby moving.

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Kel, all the positive labor vibes in the world to you today! Can you also take some floradix a and drink some bone broth or similarto help nourish your body to sort of push it over the top of that hill so everything can start rolling smoothly? My acupuncturist had told me that's why my labor had stalled out a couple times--that I needed some more body nourishment. I hope you are holding your baby safely in arms by sundown.

Annaka, I have what I call a funky nipple/boob, too. We're on day 16 here, and things have gotten somewhat better, but I may yet get a breast shell to wear between feedings to help draw out the nipple to make it easier for babe to latch (not a nipple shield, which is used *during feedings). I second the suggestion to switch up positions and see if that doesn't help to drain that duct. I also manually massage the portion of my breast (while she's nursing) that's not getting drained well in whichever position she's in, and that helps, too.

Alaskanne, ugh on the family crap. It sounds like MIL needs a boundaries talk from her son! I've found that keeping babe in the Moby was the best defense to baby-stealing relatives when I visited family over xmas. Speaking of, having an infant's legs "frogged up" while in tummy to tummy positions should be super comfy for him. I know my kids all loved that position, and we even nursed in it a lot (I have forceful letdown plus oversupply, so it was a favorite position when we were out and about, anyway). If you haven't already, google nursing newborn moby for youtube videos for it and cradle hold. So except for diaper changes, babe never needs to leave that wrap and MIL doesn't get a chance to "steal" your babe for 2 hours again! wink1.gif I hope your family's visit lifts your spirits!

Afm, I'm feeling like I need some practice runs at getting up at a decent hour and taking babe places by myself. DH goes back to work next Thurs, which is when all of our homeschool activities start back up, too, and I'm more than a little nervous about being out of the house ALL DAY LONG with all 3 kids by myself. (Nevermind the whole "homeschool starts back up on Monday; I'm serious, boys!" declaration we've made. We took way more time off *before Nevie's arrival than I'd planned and need to get our butts in gear!) I guess I should be lesson planning now... :P
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Kel- you are in my thoughts!!!!

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I haven't made it back here for a while, big shock to me but my water ended up breaking on the 17th and labor took it's time starting, but when it did it was another super fast labor/birth.  Maybe an hour or so of pain (not sure, probably 6 or so contractions that really hurt), then a few pushes and he was out!  Born on 12/18, 8 pounds 20 inches. So, the 'tie breaker' wound up being another boy.  DH was right, I was wrong LOL.


Things are going well, I'm finding myself having a better time keeping up with the facebook group actually LOL.  Woops, but decided to come back to post!


After going past 40 weeks the first three times, it's so weird to go around 38 weeks now twice!  Weird!

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Kel--just saw your post, I went post dates with my first three, and with my fourth my water broke at 38 weeks.  I was all freaked that labor wouldn't start, but  it did.  Sending you some positive birthing vibes as I'm sure you're getting nervous as things aren't happening how you expected.  HUGS.

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Just checking back here to see if Kel had posted anything. I'm thinking about you, mama!! 


Christy, congratulations, mama!! What a fast birth!! 

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