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Wondering about Kel also... I'm due the same day as she was and am empathizing hard.  39 weeks tomorrow and patiently waiting.  Planning an unassisted home vbac but thinking very strongly about going in to the hospital today to preregister just in case.  I would rather they have my records and know that I'm planning a vbac at home with the hospital as a back-up so if I do wind up there things will go more smoothly.  I would also prefer to be treated like a patient who is making informed but controversial choices rather than someone who is neglectful and not covering all the bases.  Packing my emergency bag today and gathering the last of my home supplies. :)  My ex just picked up our son so I I have the next 3 or 4 days solo to just stretch, clean, meditate and prepare.  Looking forward to lots of movie watching, massages from DP and a home that stays clean as well as the mental break from the incessant 'mama, mama, mama' I hear all day.  Feeling at peace with our choice but not really 'ready'.  I think I need to once-over the house one more time really well and do a big grocery store run, then baby has a green light any time after!  

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Kel -- my thoughts are with you! My water was broken for a full three days before my labor really got going (and after acupuncture, castor oil and nipple stim on day three). If your midwife didn't already suggest (or give you some) I'd suggest getting Hibiclens and dousing your downstairs with it every few hours to stave off infection. That is, if things haven't gotten going yet! Best wishes!
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Kel, sending you lots if positive labor/birthing thoughts! Can't wait for you to meet your LO!

Purplemama, love the name Cedar! So sweet! Congratulations. smile.gif

AlaskAnne, sorry you are having to deal with family drama. I feel you a bit--all of DH's family is here, but my family is 10+ hrs away. My parents can't come till end of Jan, and then only for a weekend. greensad.gif it's hard not having my own fam around right now.
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thinking of you Kel. Sending lots of light and love your way for every ones highest good <3

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Kel - I'm thinking of you too! Hopefully you're snuggling with your little one!
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Thanks for all the love, mamas!  It was an emotional couple of days, but she's here!


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Ugh!  We have a cold.  It's a dinky little cold from my pov - I'd feel fine if I could tuck up in bed and sleep all night - but even a dinky cold sucks when you are 3 weeks old and have a cough and stuffy nose and eye boogers for the first time :-(

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