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no vax friendly care provider in NEPA

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I'm wondering if anyone knows of a no-vax friendly pediatrician or general practitioner in NEPA.  I can drive to Scranton, Honesdale or even the Tobyhanna area.  WB too but that may be a bit of a stretch. 


I'm kind of stuck because I need to find someone willing to take a 6 year old, 3 year old and a 9 month old.  Or at the very least a 9 month old. Our current ped has continually given us problems and the last time we visited he decided to curse at us for not vaxing.  So that's it. 



I know there are some other threads on here about this but they are quite old and I'm not sure if the information is still relevant. 



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Anyone have a recommendation in this area to share?

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  I live in NEPA and do not Vaccinate.  There is a good doctor in Jessup, north of Scranton.  His name is Dr. Paul Tomcycowski and the number is 570-383-5453. He is fine with patients who do not Vaccinate.  I highly recommend him.  If he does not work out I can find the number to another doctor in the area that allows non-vaccinated patients.


Good Luck!



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Thanks Susan, I called Dr. Tomcycowski's office and they are only accepting infants less then 31 days old who haven't yet seen a ped.   The same is true of Dr. Rogan at Geisinger.  :(

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I live in SEPA so I don't know Docs in your area. But I would recommend that you look for a family doctor instead of a ped. That is what I did for my baby. It seems to be much easier to find a no vax-friendly family doc instead. Good luck smile.gif
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Our ped personally vax's her daughter but does not give us a hard time about not vaxxing our boys at all.  Her name is Dr. Ryan, she's with Geisinger but she's in south Wilkes-barre.  If you cannot find someone closer, I highly recommend her.

Not only is she respectful of parental choices, she actually cared enough to help my son.  We went from doctor to doctor where I was ignored constantly.  When we found Dr. Ryan, she immediately agreed that there was a problem and prescribed my son miralax.  While that was not a cure-all for him, it helped him so much that he began to gain weight again.  She also referred us to a pediatric allergist because she felt that I knew my son better than anyone else and that if I suspected food allergies, he should be tested.  So far we know he's allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts, and tree nuts (and has environmental allergies).  She also sent us to a pediatric GI because he was still having some tummy trouble.  There we learned that while he does need a daily laxative (great call on the ped's part!), it is basically because of long term constipation that all of the other doctors were ignoring, despite my cries for help.  He also has Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

Again, doctor after doctor in this wretched place ignored me.  I KNEW he had food allergies and some sort of digestive problem (he'd vomit while trying to have a bowel movement).  Dr. Ryan was the first doctor to proactively try to help him and now he lives a much more normal life than he was before meeting her.

So again, if you cannot find someone to meet your needs closer to you, I really really recommend her.

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