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novia scotia BF controversy

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What do you think of this?




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I am all for BF in public and have done it countless times myself, but really, I think this woman is going a bit too far! Is it really necessary to clear the table and BF the baby at the same time? I don't really think it is a food saftey issue, but why do this? Sit down and feed the baby!

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Blech...I made the mistake of reading the comments.  I agree with the ones who say it's a bad business move, but so many of the comments are just ridiculous. 

eta:  As someone who has a hard time sitting still sometimes, I totally understand the multitasking: there were times when sitting down waiting for the baby to finish nursing meant I was antsy, and trying to convince the kid to hurry up and finish, but if I was up doing something while the kid nursed in a sling, I was more relaxed, and the baby could take as long as necessary.

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Hmmm, unless my baby is in a carrier, I'm not very good at nursing and clearing a table!
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I really couldnt care less. Let her nurse her baby. The customers, like so many people, need education in the subject of breastfeeding. 

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This is not really about breastfeeding to me. I LOVE breastfeeding. It has been the most joyous experience of My life and it would not bother me a bit, not one bit if I was eating there. But her customers obviously don't like it. I guess she's weeding out the kind of customers she doesn't want around.
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I know this thread is a bit old but I clicked it being curious what breastfeeding controversy there could possibly be in Canada lol


I kind of agree that breastfeeding shouldn't be done while handling someone else's food or implements. Breastmilk can sometimes shoot several feet, customers have the right not to want someone's bodily fluids in their food. There are diseases which can be transmitted via breastmilk, the likelihood of diseases actually being transmitted that way are probably close to zero, but the possibility is still there.


I wouldn't call the health department on something like that myself, but if someone has a complaint about it, I don't think the health department was entirely wrong to issue the warning. 


Seems more like she is trying to promote her restaurant by calling the news than fighting for human rights. 

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How is it a food safety issue she's cleaning a table not setting a table, not delivering food i don't understand.

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