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Anyone else addicted to Pinterest?

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I spend hours a day on Pinterest. I think I really may have a problem.


But rather than try to curb my addiction, I thought it would be fun to stoke the fires.


Are you on Pinterest too? I'd love to follow some of my fellow DDCers! We can trade Pinterest handles via PM. smile.gif

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well, not sure  if addicted but I love it for many reasons!

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Yup I'm on it, love it, but not on it too much right now. S many other things to do! But I'm going to look for some baby ideas soon....
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I'm on it, I go through phases with it but the last few days I've been wasting a ton of time on it! It makes me want to re-do my house and have twice the energy to do all the cool diy projects. I LOVE it and it can be a little depressing, lol.

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I've tried to avoid it as it looks like something that could be a very fun time consuming thing and I have enough time consuming stuff online already smile.gif
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Oh, I'm all over it.  I have...ten boards?  Yikes.

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I love me some Pinterest!  Today I have been pinning organizing ideas!  I think it's part nesting/trying to recover the chaos of morning sickness and holidays/Oh=my-word-we're adding a 5th person to this house!

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Another fan here thumb.gif  I've been on for over a year and go through cycles of using it a lot or very little depending on other aspects of life.  I find Pinterest to be quite relaxing and inspiring.  Being on there has really helped me through some rough times when I needed the positive distraction.  I have 47 boards!  PM me if you'd like to connect over there, I'd love to see your pins too smile.gif

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Yup, though like everyone it comes and goes in phases.  Right now in the middle of winter, I'm on a garden/chicken/permaculture kick!  LOL

I have 42 boards including one for pins I've used.

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I've been on there quite a bit lately. My son wanted a pretty specific birthday party theme for his 5th birthday and I actually found a ton of stuff for it. Who would have thought there'd be so many crafty ideas for Lego Star Wars parties? orngbiggrin.gif Thank you, Pinterest! Haha!
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I've never heard of it before. But there are things that I am trying to curb. I guess pregnancy could be a motivating time to change habits, but I find it even harder in some ways to change during pregnancy.

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