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joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Congrats CDsMom!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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I rang in the new year by waking up to AF. Almost a week early. Hmph!


Ah well, I'm going for the Clomid again, and hoping I can line up the donors this time.


Have a Reproductive 2013!!!

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Stevi Boo!! So sorry AF found you irked.gif Fx for next month!


I rang in 2013 with organic sparkling cider and lots of hopes and magical thinking. Fx for a happy and babydust filled 2013!!

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I rang in the New Year to another BFN, boo.  I have to stop torturing myself.  I did have a massive temp dip yesterday and then a huge rise today (above where it has been lately) so I praying like crazy that it 'might' be an implantation dip.  I'm not getting my hopes up though.

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John16n33 It's so hard!! Oooh, very promising (the temp dip and rise)!!! I am noticing a lot of lotion-y CM today, not typical for me at all, so also cautiously optimistic. I've learned that just when I think I know what my body does, the universe laughs at me and my body does something completely unexpected. So, not getting my hopes up too high but I still can't shake this feeling, I've just got a great feeling about this cycle! hug.gif to you. Hoping and praying we get BFPs together later this week!!

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Me to Sparkle, me too!

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Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed their holidays and are ready for a New Year- 2013.


Can't believe how positive I feel about the fresh start of a new year. Me and my fiancee are headed into a big year for us- we are getting married in a month and 8 days. 


I am sorry I haven't posted much, I needed to step away and re-evaluate the whole process- a lot of soul searching and talking to my fiancee. I think seeing many friends and family pregnant or having very young children has caused me a lot of pain and jealousy. Like at Christmas seeing my fiancee holding his 6 week nephew (god-son) in his arms just melted my heart.

We seem to be feeling better but also are clearly on the same page/plan now.


We have decided to give it a good shot for 6 months (until June). I will need to track my period, get a better feeling for my cycle and when I ovulate.


We have decided that if by the end of June we have had no success on our own we will be headed to the doctor for a referral for the fertility clinic. I know you all are asking why the 6 month deadline, we are young (I am 27 years old and my soon to be husband is almost 30 years old) but my fiancee has been a paraplegic for the last 3 years due to a car accident and we were told the chances of us ever conceiving naturally are very low. We are hopeful that IUI will be a good option. 

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