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Don't know if anyone is still coming through here but in case you do... I just wanted to say hi! 


I can't believe my little one is almost one and I'm wondering how you all are doing.  It's been a hectic couple of months on my end.  I've found that I can just, barely, keep everything together if I spend all of my time on exactly what I'm supposed to do.  I'm an efficiency expert but that has meant no time at all for MDC!  Or for you all. 


Now, we're on vacation and I'm ordering birthday invites for the baby's first birthday party and I can't believe it's been so long!


Do you have a moment?  If so, say hi and let me (or us!) know how you are doing! 


My summary--

-sleep is easier than with my oldest but my neck is killing me because the babe wants to rest on my arm around her all night.

-my life is dramatically improved because the babe has started accepting the stroller.  I can go for walks without holding her!  I can't tell you the relative bliss!

-we've started to refer to the baby as the black hole as she eats everything she can find.  hairballs from the carpet included!

-baby is crawling, standing, cruising, and generally adventorous and curious.  It's so different from DD1. 

-I'm constantly amazed by how much the baby likes her big sister even though her sister is only intermittently nice to her! 

-oh, and I actually just weaned my older daughter.  So, tandem nursing is at an end.  And, DD1 weaned at 4 3/4 (and it wasn't even child led!). 


So, there's my brief update.  I hope to hear yours soon!