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So I'm 4.5 weeks and last night when I wiped, I noticed the toilet paper was stained an orangish color. It wasn't even discharge...I had some mild cramping. I didn't notice it all today until again tonight when i wiped. Having some tightness on the right side of my stomach too. Just not sure what to think. I'm in Ohio, out of town visiting family and its hard to celebrate Christmas since I'm worried:( anyone have this experience?
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Spotting can be a normal part of a pregnancy, particularly after sex or after straining during a bowel movement, or just because.  But I know it can be very worrying as well.


Hope that it stops soon so that you can enjoy your Christmas! hug2.gif

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With my first pregnancy, I spotted throughout the first trimester at the same times that I would have had my period (so, like, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks-ish). I was TOTALLY freaked out, but had an otherwise completely uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby boy. At that time, my Ob told me that "spotting is never 'normal,' but it is very common." She basically said lots of women spot an that she wouldn't be nervous unless it was at or near the volume of a full blown period and/or was accompanied by cramping.

I know how scary spotting can be, but try not to worry and definitely call your healthcare provider tomorrow - s/he can probably get you an appointment and put your mind at ease. Good luck and have a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate that.
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I had a bit of spotting last week as well. As long as the bleeding isn't heavy, bright red, or accompanied by lots of pain I wouldn't be worried. It is quite disconcerting though, isn't it?

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I have spotted a lot in my pregnancies. With DD's pregnancy, I had spotting from a SCH from about 8-14 wks. She was born without complication. I had a little pink on the TP yesterday, which my OB warned me to expect from my pap on Monday. It still freaks me out, though, since I've had not-great results after spotting in the past. I'm trying to be positive, though! Hoping everyone's spotting is resolved quickly.
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I had spotting at 4 weeks. I think it was either left over from implantation spotting or it was my body thinking it was supposed to get its period but then changing its mind. I can feel my uterus pulling and growing. 

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I had some spotting on Christmas Day (I'm 6 weeks) and I have been feeling NO pregnancy symptoms at all the last few days.  Don't know what to think.

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I know that sometimes that isn't a good sign, but I also remember having a number of days when I was pregnant with DD where I didn't feel pregnant at all. Once, it happened for 3 days straight and I was terrified, but all was well in the end.

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I also have on and off symptoms too, days where I feel great and days where I feel awful, symptoms may hit you hard in a day or two!

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It's been a little like that for me as well. Some days are better than others. My last pregnancy I was sick from about 4 weeks to 11wks. I also spotted brown a bit around 4 or 5 wks, with cramping. this is more like my pregnancy with dd2. It's on and off with the nausea. My breast tenderness seems to have leveled out, and while it's not great to nurse, it's bearable.

I had a M/C between dd2 and dd3 and that pregnancy had zero symptoms. When the spotting started it progressed to bleeding within a day, then more bleeding. So it was pretty apparent from the start.

I hope that the spotting is brief and not problematic for all of you!
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any update from the OP? I haven't seen any posts from her in awhile. I hope your doing OK Oregon.

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Thanks so much for checking in ladies! I've been out of town, visiting family and its been hectic:) I haven't had any more spotting. I'm almost 6 weeks now. Not too many symptoms besides the sides of my breasts being tender and I'm slightly more tired. My morning sickness kicked in around 6.5 weeks last time so we'll see! How is everyone else doing??
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Spotting has increased today, and I feel a little crampy.  Haven't had this in any of my previous pregnancies, so I still don't know what to think.  I was feeling pregnant the last couple of days (belly starting to bulge a little).....my m/w appt isn't until the 15th, so I have a while to wait.

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Hugs, kidlets! It can be so many things. Please keep us posted.
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I hope it resolves kidlets. ((( )))
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Thanks for the hugs...lots of mixed feelings here, and the uncertainty doesn't help.  I'll let you know what transpires.

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And....I'm out.  Heavy cramping today with period-like bleeding.  Wishing you all healthy pregnancies with beautiful babies.  Peace out.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, kidlets. Be gentle with yourself.
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((((HUGS)))) to you kidlets, I'm so sorry.

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