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Possibly pregnancy after HSG

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Hi ladies,
I wanted to know if anyone has gotten pregnant after having an HSG test. I had it done on Nov 7 to only find out that both tubes are blocked. HSG was painful as ever but the dr told me that IVF is the only alternative. However my cycle is late this month and i'm having all kinds of weird feeling inside. Sore breast, extra sleepy, increased appetite, headaches and weight gain. LMP was 11/24 what can possibly be going on. Me & the hubby have been having unprotected sex. I dont want to take a pregnancy test to get a negative result. Whats next? What should i do?
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I don't know what else you can do other than take a pregnancy test, and if it's negative, call your doctor. Were they able to unblock your tubes during the HSG? How late are you? Are your cycles regular? Do you know when you ovulated? If not, it's possible you ovulated later than usual, which would mean your period isn't late yet, or maybe you didn't ovulate at all (I've had anovulatory cycles that were the same length as my regular cycle, but I also had one really long anovulatory cycle that required a prescription to bring on AF, so in my experience it could go either way with whether or not lack of ovulation will delay your period.)

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My cycles are regular and I ovulate regularly every month(I feel the flutters for a few days). So far im late only 3days but the symptoms that im having are not my usual premenstral symptoms. Hubby n I decided to wait until 1/4 b4 we take a test just to rule out menstral.Had a lap in 2003 n was told that the Rt tube wsd ok but had adhesions thay wherr removed & the left tube was completely blocked & so ivf would have to b the score. During the hsg the Dr told me that he saw where the tubal repair was done n nothing more. B4 the hsg I was.on clomid for about 1 full week where.as I could feel in my ovaries the swollenness of the eggs. So I thought about having another hsg or another lap to c if the left tube could b unblocked. Im going to buy a pregnancy test today. I did some research on hsg n found out that the dye could possibly push the residue of gunk out of the tubes, also it enhances ur fertility. So im kinda confused....
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I have only gotten pregnant twice on my own. Once was after surgery to fix adhesions and second was after a saline ultrasound. My first was my DS who is now 9. When we did HSG and mine were blocked we went straight to surgery and I got preg 2 months later. Tried for years and years after and in between IVF cycles I had a saline US and got pg. (Was only our second natural pregnancy. We lost that pg). I have heard 3 months after HSG are prime pg months.

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The only way to know for sure if your tubes are blocked is by a laparoscopy. The HSG is just a screening test and often has false positives. I was told after an HSG that both my tubes were blocked, but I found out after surgery that there was nothing wrong with them. You need to have a laparoscopy done. You should have the tubes removed if they are blocked because they can interfere with IVF.
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hi Ladies,
Cycle came on 12/30 depressed & excited all at the same time. However this cycle was very unusual it came on very heavy with alot of blood clots I called the Dr office no one has called me back pertaining to the clots but I did get a call about the ins...lol..something has been telling me to read back into my report from 2003 when I had a lap done. Report states omental adhesions were found on the left tube& the left cornual portion of the uterus and they were removed. Left tube was somewhat narrow in the midportion & the end of the tube was clubbed. Ok now the right tube appeared to be normal & the fimbria was normal as well. A little swelling bilaterally n the cornua. All adhesions were removed. Tubes were free at the ends but the dye didn't drip thru the distal portion of the tube. I toke this report with me to my new Dr who did the hsg & from the door he wanted to do ivf. He hasn't yet mentioned anything about going back n to repair the tubes or to better look at them thru another lap. He wants $350 on my next visit to discuss what ivf will cost. I truly think there is another way.
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