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It's on the top of the DDC page.
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It's not there. All I can do is subscribe. Oh well I tried lol
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Just got my positive about an hour ago!


I'm so excited, this will be our first. I had no hope that I would get a positive this month because we've been trying for a while with no luck and my December charting had been spotty and our timing not as good as other months, and I had none of those "could be AF approaching or pregnancy" symptoms. I basically only took the test to get my husband from asking me twice a day whether I had gotten my period. So totally unexpected, since I had already convinced myself to write this month off ROTFLMAO.gif


my due date is September 10th.

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Serena- There's also an option for one of us to invite you. Would you like us to do that?

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Yes please Deborah

Chispita- me too, I was so sure I wasn't gonna get pregnant this month coz I had no symptoms at all lol
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Congratulations Chispita!!


I was convinced I wasn't pregnant as well, so it was a nice surprise :)

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I also just got my positive a couple of days ago! So excited. :) 

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I took two tests and both were positive today, so I'd be expecting to be due September 8th smile.gif
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hello ladies! I may be jumping to conlusions here, but I think I may be part of this!


I have an 8 month old and was using breastfeeding as bc, well life got REALLY busy since he turned 6months and I've been meaing to start charting again. BD on 30th, ovulated on the 2nd...been cramping since the 5th, wake up ravenously hungry in the middle of the night...


so ladies, congrats to all with the BFP and for me, I guess we'll see.



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Hi RachelMichelles- Please come join us in Groups- September 2013 DDC. Tigerlilymama- Any news? Also, you, of course, are welcome to join us over there when you're ready.

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I'm new here. New to everything. First pregnancy. First "mommy" site to join. And I haven't had my first OBGYN pregnancy visit yet. I'm quite sure I'm pregnant because of two poisitive HPT, enhanced sense of smell, and very sore breasts. But I think I'm not due until Sept 17. I'm nervous to share my news even with my husband yet because we've been TTC for 16 months, and it seems too good to be true, but I'm worried about miscarrying or any other complications. I'm excited to make friends here and help each other hope for the best!!
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88kees- join the September due date club, scroll up through previous messages and you'll see the link 😃
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Histroically I am on the low end of producing hCG. With my first I must have bought 50 pregnancy tests and didn't test positive until I was 10 weeks along. So...I scheduled an appt with my family dr on my birthday! the 29th of this month for the quan hCG blood test.

I'm still real crampy. I have always had VERY irregular periods, which is why eventually I learned to chart, but with my first I remember I kept thinking I was going to get my period since I was cramping so bad for so long. And with my son, I actually went to the ER because I thought I had a cyst that was going to burst (I'm so paranoid abt it since all the women have them-like grapefruit sized and I've always wondered how they didn't notice them growing) I could feel my swollen ovary, but I was 2 weeks pregnant, well 4 by edd, not gestational age.


So, we will see.


I had the perfect quote on my fb feed today


If you find me not within you, you will never find me. For, I have been with you, from the beginning of me.

~ Rumi

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I don't know what I wrote that prompted that TigerLillyMomma. I can't find it now and I hope you are able to calm any anxiety you have as much as possible. I have a ton of cramps too- growing quickly. My betas were good, but I've seen some much higher. I love Rumi :-).

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Originally Posted by splath View Post

I saw that a DDC hadn't opened yet, so thought I would post here...  I just had a bfp this morning (very early at only 9dpo)!  I've had three previous m/c (one was an ectopic this past summer), so I'm apprehensive and nervous and the worrying has begun...
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Try not to stress ! have faith smile.gif good luck
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