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Partners at prenatals?

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Quick question: does your partner go with you to prenatals?

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During the first trimester he goes to all of them, because the likelyhood of loss is greater, and he doesnt want me to be alone if I found out bad news. 


After that he goes for all ultrasound appointments, and to the gestational diabetes test. He also goes if he has questions for the doctor. 

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My dh always go to a few, but not all.  Every u/s if at all possible.

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I schedule my appointments on DP's day off so that we can go together. 

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During my first pregnancy, DH went to about half of them (not the routine ones where they're just having you pee in a cup/checking vitals).  I scheduled them as late in the day as possible so he wouldn't have to take time off work.


This pregnancy:  only when I need someone to babysit DS because they're doing something where he has to leave the room (he needs to save as much leave as possible).

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He goes with me to all of them. He wants to, but it's also a little bit of time to spend together just us that we otherwise wouldn't have.

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For both pregnancies DH went to all but a couple of the routine ones.
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To both ultrasounds.  And about half my midwife appointments (she comes to our house, so if he's home, he's around.)  None of the Dr.'s appointments (I've never asked him to go, they're boring and really quick.)

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My ex never went to a single appt (then again, I only had 2 while we were togther, my 8 week and 12 week ones. I left him right before my 16 week appt) so I have gone to every one of my appts alone.
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During the pregnancies where I had ultrasounds he would go to those appointments if he was able to.  (He was in the Navy and was gone for a large part of my first 3 pregnancies.)  He didn't go to any during my 4th pregnancy or this one, but I didn't think to ask him to.   I typically have all my kids with me at my appointments.

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Originally Posted by bmcneal View Post

He goes with me to all of them. He wants to, but it's also a little bit of time to spend together just us that we otherwise wouldn't have.


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This is my first pregnancy, so it's new territory for both of us and right from the get go my husband just kinda assumed he should be there as much as I should (even though he's not doing any tests ha ha). He's really excited and likes the chance to be proactive in it so we schedule what we can so he can be there. So far he hasn't missed an appt yet but it's not guaranteed he will make it to all of them in the future.

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My first pregnancy, I think DH may have gone to one appointment with me, and one ultrasound.  He was working a lot and the appointments were generally really brief and uneventful, so it didn't seem worth it. This time around we have been going to these centering pregnancy appointments...they are basically group appointments designed for partners to accompany the moms and be more involved in the process, so DH has gone to all of them...Dh doesn't typically go if I need to go in for anything not on those nights though.  He will be at the 20 week ultrasound. 

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This is baby #3 for me and DH has been to hardly any. Possibly nothing but the big ultrasounds and the version with my first.

Which really, I am fine with. I love him, but time off is a huge deal for him and really, they are not very exciting once you get used to them, for us at least.

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wave.gif This is our third babe, and my husband has been to every single appointment for every baby no matter how boring/routine. He doesn't get a lot of time off, so it's nice that he can get off work for my appointments without having it count against his work attendance (yay family medical leave act!!). There have been times when scheduling was tricky, but whenever I suggest that I *could* go by myself without the world erupting into fiery chaos, he adamantly disagrees. So I've always just left it up to him, LOL!

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Dh has usually gone with me to most prenatal appointments, though I'm fine with him not making it to all of them.

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Oops! That last one should have been me.

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DH goes.

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With my DW's last pregnancy (Ended in stillbirth) and this one as well. I have gone to every single appointment, whether it be a 10 minute appt or a 4 hour appt. She appreciates the support and it definetly makes me feel much closer to the baby. I like to see/hear/feel any and everything that comes from within...And I could have never forgiven myself, had she gone to her 35 week checkup alone, to see on the ultrasound that our daughter had passed away :( It was totally unexpected, such a shock and we both needed each other at that moment, Anyhow...brokenheart.gif As for me/us, unless there is a tragic emergency, I will make it to every appointment. And I am sure if there was a tragic emergency, the appoinment would get cancelled and rescheduled anyway. So yep, I am there. No if's and's or but's!!

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DH came to almost every appointment the first time we were expecting but this time around he doesn't come to all of them. He would if I asked him to but I usually just say "I have an appt today at _____ time and if you can make it I'll see you there". If he can get away he comes and if not he doesn't. I don't mind at all, it gives me quality time with my midwives whom I love!! We have the same primary midwife as we did last time so he already knows her. He tries to make it to the appt's with the other 2 midwives we have on our team because they are new to us this time but again it's no big deal to me really if he comes or doesn't :)

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