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Doula/Midwife Pueblo

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Has anyone used a Doula or Midwife in Pueblo?  I am looking for recommendations!

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Jessica Nipp just delivered my second baby at home this past week. Pm me and I can give you her info. She is in Colorado Springs, but comes down to pueblo for births. I think she is the best midwife ever joy.gif. There is also Shannon McDougal I think her name is out in pueblo west, I have only met her once though so I can't give you much information on her.
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I emailed Jessica Nipp a while ago and she responded that she "rarely serves the Pueblo region" which was dissapointing. She also refered me to Sharon Mc Dougal who never responded to my email. So far I am really unimpressed with the options in Pueblo.

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Well that really sucks, I think maybe Jessica took me as a client because I used her for my last pregnancy and there was no midwife here then. I agree that we have almost no choices here in Pueblo. Is there still a midwife in Canon City that would take you? I am not sure but I was thinking there was one there. If not, I have no other suggestions. I would call Sharon if it was me but only because I would worry my email would go to the spam folder. I hope you figure something out.

I don't know how long you have lived here or your birth situation or history but I have had horrible luck with almost all doctors and hospitals here, I can't wait to move away.
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Thanks for trying! I think I am going to try to contact Sharron again. I'm not sure if I'll be able to have a homebirth since I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. I work full time so going to the springs for care is not a good option for me. I am hoping that I can either find a willing midwife or a decent OB and a Doula.


I had the BEST EVER CNM with my last baby in Wyoming. I believe she's a clinical instructor at the University of Colorado Hospital now.

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Here are my doula contacts down in the Pueblo area. Maybe they know of a midwife?

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I know this is an older thread, but Jan Eklund is a great midwife and located in South Colorado Springs, but serves Pueblo. There is also Emily Likens that serves the Pueblo area. I would recommend either of them. 





Kim Littau is also a FANTASTIC doula in CS but will come to Pueblo. Her number is (719) 321-0247

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It looks like Emily Likens isn't in Colorado anymore. Unless I just suck at Google. lol.gif


I recently saw a CNM in Pueblo who mentioned there were two homebirth midwives in Pueblo. I know of Sharon McDougal, but I can't find another. I'm hoping Emily wasn't the only other midwife in Pueblo.

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 Emily Likens did leave from what I heard. I wonder if she is talking about Gina? She also left though. We are moving to Westcliffe soon I hope and I am wondering if there is a midwife there... I want more children but I don't want to go to a hospital if I don't have to. I guess I could just walk in pushing if I really have to go that way.

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Anyone still need info on midwives/doulas in Pueblo?  


Sharon McDougal lives there, http://www.beautifullyborn.com/, and Pam Crowl lives in Security. http://coloradomidwife.com/ 


Probably some other CS midwives would go down there too, check http://www.coloradomidwives.org/find-a-midwife and do a google search.


Susie Trujillo is in Canon City but I heard she is on sabbatical right now.


Doulas:  http://www.desjeandesign.com/html/doula-directories.html, doulas.com, google search, http://www.dona.org/mothers/find_a_doula.php, http://www.findadoula.com/find.php, https://www.hypnobabies.com/find-doula, http://birtharts.com/findadoula.htm, http://doulamatch.net/  https://sites.google.com/site/pikespeakdoulas/Our-birth-labor-doulas

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