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Being induced at 37 weeks. Anything i can do to "help" things along?

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Due to a full term loss in February, they are electively inducing me at 37 weeks (mid January). I have had 3 easy, natural completely wonderful births and one horrendous delivery (the last one which was natural but a emergency event). so naturally i am apprehensive of an induction because i have only heard horror stories but this is what needs to be done. i just thought i would ask you all if there was anything that might help things along before  date? i he wonderful midwife but haven't had a chance to ask about this.


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You can ask your midwife about Evening Primrose Oil.

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thanks! i will do that:)

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semen from sex can help soften your cervix but I can't help but worry your body will not be ready to deliver yet. I was induced with #1 and didn't really progress until they broke my water. Then I dilated crazy fast and she was born vaginally. Though I know often that is not the case.


I would discuss with your OB maybe daily NST until you are closer to 39 weeks? Every day really helps ( you obviously know that) in development. Whatever your choice mama, do what works for you and I wish you a happy and wonderful birthing experience! I would hire a doula too for a hospital delivery in case you have questions or need additional support during delivery.

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Thank you. The maternal fetal doctor advises against waiting any later than 37 weeks due to my previous pregnancy - i had a placental abruption at 38 weeks for no known reason. they typically induce a week before someone had an abruption. since we do not know why this happened they are being extra cautious. i get NST's done twice a week. with all my other babies, once my water broke or was broken, things went super fast too. my midwife thinks that it will be a slow labor but once they get things going, she thinks it will be quick. she says my body knows what it is doing and births well. if it was my first baby, she said it might be a bit different. i just have to pray that things works out well. thanks for the advice. my husband likes this advice the best and will be more than happy to accommodate :)

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Just want to wish you luck with your delivery! I'm also delivering at 37 1/2 weeks because I had a classical csection with my first and that was as far as the MFM was comfortable with because of the risk of hemmorraging from labor with my old incision. I'm scheduled for another C one week from today. Hope you have another easy birth like your first three :)

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I hope everything goes well for you. I had a great induction with my first after my water broke and I wasn't in labor over 24 hours later. From beginning of induction to birthing my baby was about 12 hours. About an hour before the birth, I ended up asking for an epidural because the pain was too intense but I don't necessarily blame the induction for that. I think no matter what, first labors are always longer and more painful so you will probably do just fine since you have already been through it 4 times. I think it is smart to follow your doctors advice for an induction at 37 weeks.


This time, for my 3rd baby, I'm having to scheduled c-section at 36 weeks for complete placenta previa. It was a shock at first but I'm at peace with it now.

I wish you a great birth and most importantly a healthy baby!

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Know your Bishop score.

You could try acupuncture; there are cervical ripening protocols.

Start taking evening primrose oil at 35 weeks, both orally and vaginally.

Consider having a doula at your birth.

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thanks for ideas! i will look at what is Bishop score:) i see midwife tomorrow and she was going to check my cervix to see where we are at.

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