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NOVA Homebirth Talk to Me!!

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We live in N. Balt but my husband and I are considering moving to NOVA before our baby is born (just to have the baby) because there are no legal MWs practicing homebirth in MD and because I am a VBAC the two birth centers will likely not take me.  Even though this would be my second VBAC (I had a successful homebirth in 2010).

So we are trying to figure out WHERE and WHO to see in NOVA if we do end up going that route!  Any info would be SUPER helpful!!!!  Feel free to PM me with anything negative, I know how those things can get moderated :)

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One of my very dear friends just had an amazing homebirth with Tammi McKinley of Northern Virginia Midwifery.  http://novamidwife.org/

Tammi also went far above and beyond to help put me in touch with midwives to attend my HBAC, so I personally cannot say ENOUGH good things about her. :) 

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I had a birthcenter birth at NOVA natural birth center. I was going to do a homebirth but that day it seemed to be more convenient to go in for the birth instead of stay home. Their midwives are AMAZING and they DO do homebirths smile.gif
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Thanks ladies!!! I really appreciate the recommendations!!

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