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I wish I knew, timesway! On two occasions (20 wk anatomy scan, then an emergency ultrasound at 25 weeks because I was spotting) babe has refused to reveal the goods LOL! Next week I have another u/s (I am high risk) so I'm hoping he/she will show us something then ... :) How are you feeling?

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Yes, I am of no help either.  We aren't finding out baby's gender until the big day.  Katie is having a boy and a girl, so I think she's entitled to be ravenous all the time just by having twins and gender!


See, yesterday starved.  Today, no appetite.  I am meeting a friend for lunch at this amazing gourmet pizza place though, I am sure I will find a way to enjoy it. winky.gif

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I'm having a girl, and another hollow day as well.

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I am having a boy but while I am still eating plenty (I'm just a big eater in general) I actually have felt less hungry this pregnancy.  Part of that might be that my tummy is always a tiny bit upset and eating is the only thing that makes it feel better.  So I'm not super hungry but I'm eating frequently.  Hmmmm.

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Yeah boy and a girl here, I was ravenous (though not quite to this level) most of my pregnancy with DD too, so gender doesn't seem to have much impact for me smile.gif The last time I traveled, the architect I went with was laughing at how many snacks I brought, but I ate them all and bought some more.
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Hi all. This is actually my first post in the DDC. :) It took me awhile to join. 


I only read page 1, but wow.....I definitely went through the gummy candies phase. I never buy them normally, but did gummi worms, gummi fruit slices covered in sugar, etc etc. So good. I have thought about this....it must be either a fruit craving gone awry? or maybe the body wants gelatin (comes from beef), whether or not gelatin is actually in those things. Or maybe it's just a combo of a fruit craving with a sugar craving!


Also eating cheese with scrambled eggs and lots of wilted spinach on them. My husband jokes that I like a little egg with my spinach. 


Right now though (at 5.5 months), it is mexican-style shredded beef (cutting meat is too much work!) and SHRIMP. Anyone else have the shrimp craving? It's strong! I am normally not into shrimp that much. I am trying to eat it 3 times a week now at least, and based on what I'm reading online, it's okay. Very low mercury, and I was careful before becoming pregnant, haven't had much seafood the whole pregnancy.


Also, I have noticed that when I eat a lot of beef and shrimp nowadays, the baby moves more. Maybe it's just coincidence? Seems like he loves the food too.


The other things I've noticed is LEMON, and that's been pretty constant since the first trimester.....I like a lot of it squeezed in plain water, and sometimes I like that frozen lemon italian ice, or bottled Lemonade with mango. Those cravings are pretty strong when they come. Mostly its just lemon water or lemon squeezed on anything (mexican food, etc).


I went through a pizza phase in the first trimester too, but that is over now. :) Green veggies and cheese with carbs: first trimester. Meat and seafood and fruity: second trimester.

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bobcat, I love shrimp normally, but I do like it extra during pregnancy for sure smile.gif
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