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So about to demolish a container of frozen kefir. Love the tarty.
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Yep. So gone.
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Suddenly, I want citrus!  Had AMAZING fresh squeezed grapefruit juice this morning with breakfast.  I am sure I could have had a litre of it!!

YES! Ate a grapefruit yesterday and told my husband that I must be needing some more vitamin C because it seemed like the most delicious thing in the world in that moment!
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YES! Ate a grapefruit yesterday and told my husband that I must be needing some more vitamin C because it seemed like the most delicious thing in the world in that moment!

Oh, that's nothing! I am a HUGE grapefruit fiend and have always eaten them regularly whenever I can- one to two a day. We have a TJ's in our town so I can get good organic grapefruit fairly cheap. But in my 1st trimester, I was going through four to six per day and CRAVING them like a dying man craves water. And they are, mostly, water! SO good for you!


DAMNIT! Now I want one! Or three!

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My first trimester all I could eat was fruit. Orange juice was nectar of the Gods. Still going strong but things get added weekly, or even every day.
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uggg, I just can't give up burgers! maybe I should give them up for lent, I'm def trying to be more healthy, so hard....

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Wow! Lots of grapefruit fans here! Lol
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All day I've had a craving for a quesadilla. I didn't get to have it for dinner. It has to be on the menu tomorrow, or I may lose my mind. Can't stop thinking about them.
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I've moved off citrus and on to peanut butter...mmmmmm....

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MILK! Oh man, I don't know if it's just because I get thirsty and it's the coldest beverage in the house...or if it's that it helps with my acid reflux but I have been loving drinking milk. I am guzzling some as we speak. 


I've also been into anything dairy/creamy/cheesy. 

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My dear midwife said ice cream for acid reflux. She's a saint.
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I've been having sort of anti-cravings lately, dunno what to call them. I'm really hungry, but nothing sounds good. Nothing sounds bad either, just I can't figure out what I want smile.gif I was eating all day yesterday and I think today will be another one.
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I've had some aversions again lately, too. Back to getting icky from sugar and bread/chips/crackers/etc. which happens to work our great since I was trying to start a low carb low sugar diet. I did well last week and then not so good about it with the bday party and the superbowl but I am back to doing good today. I have been having more cheese and protein for cravings. They aren't really cravings but they keep my tummy happy anyway.

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Yes, today is a "hollow day".  It is not quite noon and I am through most of what I brought for lunch.  Just some tomato soup left.  And I even had steel cut oats for breakfast.  Those usually fill me up until noon, but today I'd already had a banana smothered in PB and my sandwich by 11am.  Guess I'll have to go find some extras somewhere...


I'm still into PB, and citrus as well (grapefruit in particular).  Those and dairy products (cheese, sour cream, milk, yogurt) are all very appealing.  No real "food aversions", but I seem to be going through some "eating aversion" days where I just don't find anything appealing, and then days like today where I just can't get "full".  And I am drinking tons of water, so it isn't a "dehydrated but think you are hungry" scenario.

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Today is kind of a hollow day for me too. I think it was because my body...ummm...got rid of...the bday party food and superbowl snacks and then wanted actual nutritious food today. I'm also really sleepy/tired today, maybe baby is growing again.


I have been drinking a lot of water too but I actually could just chew on crushed ice ALL DAY! Our fridge doesn't have an ice maker so I actually bought a bag of ice because I have been going through it so fast.


Oh yeah, and I am wanting brownies this afternoon too. So if someone could make that happen that would be great. Maybe I can convince hubby to pick me up just 1 brownie somewhere so I don't eat a whole pan.

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I'm not sure if its a craving bit all I want to eat is pancakes ATM .. That, chocolate and fruit.yumm.. I'm worried tho at how bad my sugar cravings are getting, a friend of mine just got banned from sugar for rest of her preg .. If that happened to me right now I think I'd cry .. But sometimes sugar cravings are a bad sign I think.. So hoping next wee sample is clear.. Plus we have gf tests at 28 weeks here ( so soon) .
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Cranberry juice.  Oh dear cranberry juice.  Cranberry juice with water.  Cranberry juice with sparkling water.  I just made cranberry juice gelatin, you know, so there is protein with it!

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Someone brought donuts to work today, we'll see how many I eat! And yes, a hollow day exactly. And not from filling up on nothing but junk, I'm eating pretty heavy protein and complex carb meals and still! Constantly thirsty too, I feel like I'm at high altitude.
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Hollow day over here too. Eggs and bacon and a big tea with cream for breakfast, then a grilled cheese and yogurt at 11 am ...

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Me too.. I eat and eat and eat and never fill satiated- are all u people who are starving expecting boys by any chance?
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