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Oregon- my pregnany this time is just like my first. Same headaches. Same cravings. Same level or morning sickness. Pregnany 1 was DS. Pregnancy 2 was dd, and I felt horrible the whole time. Moody. Sick. Like I had PMS for 9 months. Bitchy. Was sure baby 3 was a boy, but nope, another girl.

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Congrats coffeebean!  I'm so happy you finally got your results! carrot.gif

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Originally Posted by thecoffeebean View Post

I just got my MaterniT21 test results back- chromosomes look great and we are having a BOY!



Yay!! Congrats on your healthy boy!

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Yay, so glad you got your result and that it was a good one!! Yay for boys!
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Coffeebean, great news! You must be so relieved that the wait is over! When did you have your blood drawn? I had mine done last Thursday and am getting slowly more unhinged every day that I have to wait. If it goes the full two weeks, I don't know how my little brain is going to hold it together!
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Ugh, I know, mellybelly. Waiting was the worst. I don't normally feel stressed out about a lot of things, but the last two weeks has had me really down and not feeling like myself.

I had my blood drawn on the 28th. So it was 11 business days, not counting the day it was drawn. I hope it's much faster for you!!
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Originally Posted by oregon2010 View Post

I think I remember you and I having very similar cravings and pregnancies so you totally make me think I'm having a boy too.  What does your DD think?  Did she guess if she was having a brother or sister?  We decided we are going to find out this time but I have to wait 8 more weeks so I am passing the time by comparing symptoms and such to other people even though there isn't much science to it smile.gif This is our last baby so on one hand, I would my DD to have a sister but on the other hand, it would be fun to parent a boy too.

Reasons I think I am having a boy:
--way less vomiting compared to my DD's pregnancy, just very nauseous, esp at night and food aversions that are starting to go away at 12 weeks
--more tired this time
--more headaches
--quicker weight gain
--hair growing faster
--different cravings--less sweets this time, more cheese and citrus and bread
--moodier this time
--we conceived on ovulation day (was charting)
--before conception, I had lots of CM, barely any before conceiving my DD
--husband comes from a strong family tree of boys
--I heard more boys are conceived after miscarriages and I conceived 2 weeks after a miscarriage

Anyway, I guess I will find out in 8 weeks!
It's funny- DH was sure we were having a boy because of my meat/cheese/beer cravings. I previously had not eaten red meat for 6 years. But then a friend of mine was having the same sort of cravings and she found out she is having a girl! So I'm thinking there may not be much to the wives' tale. I, too, was WAY more nauseous the first trimester than with DD. And I'm pretty sure I ovulated the day we DTD also. I charted, but not reliably and with an old thermometer. I never thought I'd get pregnant this cycle because my chart was pretty messy and all over the place.

My DD was really wanting a baby sister. I told her today that she's getting a baby brother, and she sort of shrugged and seemed okay with it. I think she'll be really great with him.

Eight weeks to find out! That's an eternity!! How will you pass the time?
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Originally Posted by mellybelly View Post

Coffeebean, great news! You must be so relieved that the wait is over! When did you have your blood drawn? I had mine done last Thursday and am getting slowly more unhinged every day that I have to wait. If it goes the full two weeks, I don't know how my little brain is going to hold it together!

Waiting is so hard.  Had my u/s and Maternity21 test done on 2/1 just got the results yesterday.  It was all good news though.  Negative for chromosomal defects and 1:38500 for downs.  We are waiting to find out gender though. Hope you hear back soon!

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Yay coffeebean!! Congratulations on a healthy baby boy :) Such good news! joy.gif

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Jillgayle, awesome news! I'm literally dying over here. Like a barely functioning mess. It's been 7 days, so I have up to another week to go. My only consolation is that I will definitely have FISH results from my amnio in two weeks (amnio a week from Monday).

Having had an abnormal NT scan already is really doing a number on me. Ug.
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I got the insurance paperwork back for my Sequinom. I just did the blood tying, and they added gender. Billed as three test, total $236, but insurance discount knocked it down to $29 which we will pay with our HSA.


Baby is Rh +, so rohgam is in the cards for me.

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I just called my Ob, thinking there was an outside chance that my results would be in. i am totally pissed: they completely brushd me off, saying thatI misunderstood. They meant 7-14 BUSINESS days... From the day that the blood was received at the lab... In San Diego. (I'm in Boston.). So now I'm looking at next week at the earliest. Potentially not until after I have my amnio results back. After my having a complete and utter nervous breakdown on the phone, they called Sequenom, which said that my blood was received on 2/11, they are on day 4 of testing, and that my blood looked good, meaning that they would not likely need to re-test using the second vial. Nevertheless, they said not to expect my results any time before next Wednesday.

I am a lawyer. In the legal world, if you say anything less than 7 days, it is implied that you mean business days. Seven or more days are impliedly calendar days. So where I stand, you say 7-14 days, it means calendar unless you say otherwise. Bah.

In the meantime, I am a wreck. I was bawling my eyes out on the phone with the doctor's office to the extent that my older, very sensitive DS shut himself in the bathroom and started crying himself. So... Add "worst mom in the world" to the list of things that I am today.

I am so frustrated that I didn't just get a CVS when I had the chance.
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Ugh. I'm so sorry, Melly. You have every right to be on pins and needles. :-( I'm still thinking good thoughts for you and your baby, hoping that the NT measurement was a fluke.
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Thanks, coffeebean.
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I'm so sorry Melly. That sounds horrible. The waiting is the worst part. :(


I will tell you that I had the CVS and while I did get the results in 10 business days, the procedure was intense and painful- and you had to be on bed rest for 72 hours afterward. Meaning no lifting anything over 10lbs. It was not easy. Even so the waiting nearly killed me. 

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Originally Posted by mellybelly View Post

 My only consolation is that I will definitely have FISH results from my amnio in two weeks (amnio a week from Monday).


You decided to do the amnio too? Are you going to do the micro-array? I just got back my CVS results and they were normal- but then they asked me if I wanted the mico-array, which tests for an additional 300ish things. It would cost me $650 out of pocket, so I am pretty sure I am saying no. But I have a friend who just had her CVS, normal, then had the micro-array and found two problems. She terminated at 17 weeks, and is a wreck because of it. Had to go though labor, milk came in. It's so hard with all the testing to know where to stop. I mean life is a risk no matter what, right? I am afraid that the micro-array is so detailed it turns up things that have a good possibility of being insignificant in the long run- but cause you crazy amounts of stress in the pregnancy. 

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Melly I am so sorry you are going through this. I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts to you and your baby.
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So sorry to hear, MellyBelly. I hope the results come back soon and with great news.

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Melly, how stressful and frustrating! I have heard many many stories where nuchal measurements were high, but further testing revealed that everything was fine. Sending lots of good thoughts your way. Btw, my Verifi test came back within 6 business days. I had expected to wait at least twice as long. I wonder if MaterniT21 is backed up due to generally higher demand? Either way, all these tests - and the MFM clinics that order them - need to be very clear about expected waits since they cause parents so much stress.


Coffeebean - congrats on your boy!

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Well, the Ob finally called the lab. Hopefully my results will be in on Tuesday (stupid presidents and their stupid "day". wink1.gif)

Askew, I am going to do the amnio, anyway. I just don't 100% trust the blood test and, given my previous abnormal result, I just think I need conclusive answers. I haven't decided about the microarray. I guess I'll follow my Ob's rec on that one (prob will decide when we see how things look at the amnio ultrasound).

I'm trying to keep a good outlook. There's a study that my husband pointed out (he's a scientist) that says that 92% of people with out NT measurements end up with no problems. Today, I counted out 25 beans and put black dots on two (92% stayed white). It was somewhat reassuring...
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