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Thrush on one nipple and in mouth of 27 month old. Help!

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So less than a week ago I saw some whitish film at the corners of my sons mouth. It sort of wiped off but kept coming back. Now my left nipple is red, scaley and I get this burning pain when he nurses, he favors that breast. I peeked inside his mouth and there are white patches on the inside of his cheeks and lips. We have never dealt with this before and sadly don't have health insurance right now, I am working on getting my son Healthy Families. I picked up some Milk Kefir and plain yogurt, reordered his probiotics and have coconut oil on hand. I ordered some Genetian Violet but I am getting mixed reviews and am a little confused. Will thrush go away on its own sometimes? Should I try the GV before going to the doc? The GV prob won't be here til next week. 

Also, my son has become addicted to sugar...it's all he wants to eat. I figured he was being picky because he is getting is 2 year molars in but now, I'm not sure...could he have a candida issue? I did take a Z Pack for a sinus infection a month ago. I am wondering what caused this :( 


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Hello! Sorry to hear you are in such discomfort.  I had thrush when DS was a nursling and it was agonizing.  We treated my breasts and his mouth with gentian violet on the recommendation of a La Leche League hotline person.  Have you tried getting in touch with them?  Perhaps they could recommend something that would work well even without insurance.  Hope you feel better soon!

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Yeah, definitely time to put your foot down on the sugar thing, this is candida/ thrush for sure (candida, thrush, yeast infection are all the same thing). It can clear up without prescriptions but the first step to cut the sugar that is feeding it. If you aren't in too much pain, you wait for the GV. Keep him nursing on that side lots, but  wash and dry it with a hair dryer after. Where thin, loose-fitting, cotton or go topless at home as much as you can. Lots of yogurt, probiotics, vitamin C, and water for both of you. Talk to a pharmacist too, you might be able to get some sort of safe antifungal over the counter as well. The actual prescription you are looking for shouldn't be too pricey if you ask for a generic brand, but I assume you are most concerned about the price of actual visit? (I'm in Canada, so not sure how it works for you)

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I second the GV. It has always worked for me/us. On a side note - GV is usually available in any drugstore. I got mine at Walgreens. No need to have to wait while you order online yk?

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We tried Grapefruitseed Extract, me taking it orally and using it in my sons mouth and on my nipples AND using baking soda in water, olive oil, coconut oil. Nothing is working :(. I have a friend that is willing to give me a diflucan and some nystatin, but I hear it has sugar and a lot of the time doesn't work. I have also heard about the GV causing mouth ulcers, stomach issues and has been linked to oral cancer so THAT freaks me out. I now have a crack or cut on my preferred boob that won't heal and he refuses to use a nipple shield......thoughts? advice?

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go for the nystatin. and stop moisturizing. oil actually keeps the yeast in the skin and lets it grow, letting your nipples air dry (or with a hair dryer) will kill the yeast.

however, if the infection is systemic (if you are having internal pain, shooting behind your breast during feeds) then you might need to take some oral antifungals.

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So we tried the Nystatin for a week, my nipples healed and his thrush went away. Now the week after it's back in his mouth! Ugh....now what do I do? I am about to go pick up some Genetian Violet...

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