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Brewer Diet?

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Anyone have any experience with the Brewer Diet? I am 9 weeks pregnant with #4 and am thinking about giving it a try.  I have never followed any sort of diet protocol with any of my pregnancies, but have a friend who did Brewer with her first and she enjoyed it.  I have no nausea (thank God) but no food looks good and I am having trouble eating. Therefore i am only eating junk.  I also have NO energy at all and think some of it is related to what I am eating.....sorta hoping if I can force myself to eat better for a couple of days I will feel better and then eating won't be such an issue.  I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and have printed out the food lists and stuff....but that is as far as I have gotten.......Thanks!

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I did the brewer diet with my first pregnancy. It was too many carbs for me though-- I have blood sugar issues. I just followed a low glycemic diet with lots of protein (a big part of the brewer diet) with my second.
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Hi mirpmama, Congrats on your pregnancy! I did the Brewer Diet with my first baby and liked it.  I was taking Bradley Birth Classes and they recommended following the Brewer Diet.  At the time, my midwife thought that the protein requirements were a bit extreme and didn't think I needed to have so much every day.  I just ate when I was hungry and followed the diet without being really obsessive about it.  I wrote everything down that I ate to keep track of my protein and all the other requirements. I am also a laco-ovo vegetarian and I think the diet was helpful. 

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I did it with my first too and way too many grains/carbs for my likes. But totally on board with eating plenty of good, quality protein and using salt to-taste. (I like Real Salt which includes all the trace minerals.)

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Thanks everyone!! 

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Yes I did the Brewer Diet with my second child after having lots of complications with my first child. It worked and did wonders for me. I've studied nutrition for over 10 years and it is the real deal. Also check out Dr. Ray Peat www.raypeat.com.


Babies need protein, lots of carbs (google how much glucose a fetus is using up during intense growth periods!!), salt, Vitamin A, all that good stuff.

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