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Dad doesn't involve himself....

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except very occasional postcards/emails (to DD only) and sends Holiday and Birthday Gifts and THAT IS IT.


My daughter is ten.


BTW, HI Mamas! <3 I'm new here and I am in great need of support and I will give all the support I can as well....


I should probably post in other areas. I have one child. She is a firecracker of a personality. Its really hard.




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Hello Mom's,


I'm feeling like that was a little odd of an introduction........


that was really what I was going for and somehow got on the topic of the Dad...


Christmas really had that that on my mind.


I'm really happy to be here on Mothering and would love to connect with other single moms!




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I used to force a relationship with my oldest son and his father. it just confused my son and ended up getting my Son's hopes up for something that was not meant to be. You can't force love, you can't force a relationhship, it has to be up to the father if he wants to be involved, and if he doesn't want to be, that's sad for the kid, but for the best in the long run.

My oldest son is 17. We haven't heard from his father since he was 3 1/2. I also have a 23 month old son and a boyfriend who has three children, ages 12, 8, and 5. Nice to meet you, Birdiemama. :-)
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My son's father hasn't spoken to him in almost a year (hasn't seen him in over a year and a half).  And I don't think he's ever sent birthday or Christmas presents (or cards) since we divorced almost 3 years ago.


DS is almost 7.  As of now, it hasn't seem to affect him at all (but I'm married and he considers DH his "daddy" now).  At least his paternal grandparents maintain a relationship with DS even though they are out of state.


It blows my mind that men can turn their backs on their children like that.

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