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think I have the flu

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Day 3 of feeling terrible, fever, cough very achy, headache.  Today it got significantly worse- just so exhausted and having trouble sleeping.  Dr tried to give me tamiflu but after reading about side effects I did not fill rx.  Both kids are sick w/ same thing, except they rallied after two days or so and are almost fever free and have better energy (the cough is still awful).  Both kids are on antibiotics (daughter diagnosed w/ ealry pneumonia).


Been doing the obvious, hydration, vitamins,elderberry, chicken soup, as much rest as one can get w/ two little kids.  Was reading about oil of oregano...should I try it now, or is it something that works better at first symptoms


feel awful....HELP!


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My favorites when we are sick are liquid Elderberry juice (Natural Sources), 1 Tbsp. 3x a day and high doses of Vitamin D. 


The best essential oil for illness is Thieves by Young Living or OnGuard by DoTERRA.  They rock for any infections.   Capsules or tablets of elderberry do not work. 


Hope you feel better soon!


Becky Mauldin, N.D.


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